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Cartoon Or More Realistic

Mar 13, 2011
So we have seen the trailer for SS and it is a bit cartoony....it is like a mixture of the WW and TP....i think nintendo should have kept on going for a more human real life look for the graphics...instead they went with a cartoon....i belive it may have been cause toon graphics are easier and look better than realistic graphics anyway....or just cause zelda is a game for audeinces of all ages they make it cartoony...what are yalls opinion on the cartoon look was it a yes or a no;)


I think its hard to say what is better, personally I don't have a real "preference" I like both, but I think given the Wii's graphical capabilities compared to other 7th gen consoles, it seems like the slightly cartoon route will leave the game with crisper and cleaner graphics.
Jan 24, 2011
I think I heard in an interview once that they were actually having a harder time with the graphics in SS than in TW, it's purely artistical, however I do like the graphics to be realistic, but they have found the balance between cartoon and realistic and that is amazing, I'm very intrigued to see what the final result will be like...
Mar 13, 2011
i definatly agree with you obscured about they found the half way mark...i would much rather have a realistic game....and i also agree with you magicgfx the wii does have a limit on its graphics and i guess the toon look is better for the wii but i would prefer the more realistic
Jan 28, 2010
I personally like the variety of different graphical styles. If it was cartoony all the time I'd probably get sick of it, and if it was realistic all the time, I would get sick of that. Right now I personally favor the cartoon style, but that's probably Wii doesn't put out very nice looking realistic graphics. Besides its not really the graphics that matter that much. Its all about the design. You can fit an amazing game design in many different graphical styles and it will turn out great no matter what style.
Aug 6, 2010
Well, i personally think it looks okay. I guess the graphics were perhaps a bit too cartoonish in wind waker, but this seems to be a bit more acceptable. It's not too cartoonish, it's not too realistic, but something in between. I'd actually say the game looks quite promising.
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Mar 14, 2011
You can't please everyone, grasshopper. I prefer the WW look myself. For me playing a Zelda game (or any Nintendo game for that matter) takes me back to the simple days of my childhood, when there were no scantily clad babes hawking feminine products on national TV or sex and swearing in every movie or show you watch. When I play a Nintendo game it is fun, relaxing, and for a brief time everything seems right again with the world.

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I like it the cel shading definately makes it look better, in my opinion. Although, I'm glad it's not as cartoony as the WW; that was a little over the top in my opinion. And TP had good graphics, but they could've been better. By adding cel shading. I'm glad they're using it in SS. The Zelda universe is not a realistic one, but in fact an imaginative one. I think they cartoony-slash-realistic style is a perfect fit for the Zelda world. It's appearance is in between a realitic world(TP) and an imaginary one(WW), which is where it should be in order to convey the perfect sense of the world of Zelda, as far as my opinions go. Not too realistic, yet not too cartoony... It's absolutely perfect, I say.


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Oct 24, 2007
Honestly, I love them both equally the same. I love just gazing off into the super realistic detail of a finely polished game world.
On the other hand, the cartoon style adds a dash of childhood fun to the mix. We all miss the good ol' days, no denying that. The cartoon style in general is just fun.

I actually predicted that they would merge the two styles for the next game a few years ago. I never knew I'd be right, but boy was I surprised.


Jan 31, 2008
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Didn't I already answer this one?
Graphics, as long as they aren't overly horrible, are the least of my concern. Both styles are very good and a mixture of them is very tolerable. Games with the cartoon-ish style just seemed to be really fun. Games with a more realistic style are just really good-looking and can fascinate you. The mix is a good combination of both, but the cartoon-ish fun is probably more prevailing over the realistic style, which is okay.
Nov 7, 2010
I liked the TP graphics, and I am loving the SS style (I hope we can have another game whit this combination of styles)

to say the true, as the graphics improve with the time, I dont want realistic graphisc, for some reason I would not like to see an extremely realistic link.

Anyway, they dont need realistic graphics to make zelda look better each time


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Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
I am hoping he will look like his Twilight Princess form. Realistic with a touch of cartoon. I hope, if she is featured in the game, that Zelda looks the same too. Link design looked great in the release trailer, so I hope he comes out great. In the new Skyward Sword trailer, remember the new character we saw? His design also looks like he just walked out of TP and into SS. Even so, if Link turns out to be new, I will except him anyway. Link always looks great, whether cartoon or realistic. I hope that he still is our hero, and his design isn't changed to much. Lets welcome our new hero!

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