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General Art Calculator Doodles~ x3

Wow... people are replying to this still? Is that encore I hear? Hm... I wonder... my calculator's batteries died during final exams because I doodled so much. xD Maybe, after I replace the batteries, I could calculator-doodle over summer when I get bored? xD

haha, why didn't I know that when I had maths class :xd:. Does this work for a TI83 plus as well?
It should, yeah. I remember my pre-algebra class back in 7[sup]th[/sup] grade having a TI82 class set, and I could draw on those.

In calculus today... I was having another one of those moments where, instead of studying, I was doodling on my calculator. In remembrance of 9/11, I maded something. I am not really familiar with the New York City skyline, so I kind of winged it. But it was impressive enough that, like, half my class was coming over and snapping pictures of my calculator with their phones. Even my teacher... o_o I have a feeling her element shall be Copernicium, but nerm.

Two really quick ones today because boredom. The perspective on the second one is a little messed up due to the dilated pixels and no eraser. I kind of changed what I was doing halfway through, and would have had to make the rose much larger if I wanted to correct it, so... meh.


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