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General Art Calculator Doodles~ x3

I have some calculator "doodles"... they're just circles that make a cool design:
Yeah, I saw your blog. You should try using the pen sometime. 2nd + PROGRAM; all the way at the bottom of the list.

Er, I did have a half-drawn Hilda saved on my calculator that I started a while back, but I overwrote it yesterday with my Frey drawing since it was kind of poopy. I decided to make a log today of what I have saved where, so I don't accidentally save over my "masterpieces" (though I've written over things before...). I'll share my log with you if you'd like, though I think a lot of them have been posted here, since I've shared the majority of my doodles. A few of my stuff was more just lettering in different styles and scripts--which I've only posted one or two of those. Though, I did find a lot of the text-based stuff on my phone just now; I'll decide whether or not I'll share them. Just know they're from, like, the end of sophomore year, so that's quite some time ago. =P But, yeah, when saving things...it's hard to remember which was which, and in order to check, I'd ruin whatever I was working on... so I'm going to keep track now.

pic 0 - [noparse]:right:[/noparse]
pic 1 - HildaFrey
pic 2 - SS Zelda
pic 3 - nerm
pic 4 - Toon Link (unshaded)
pic 5 - butterflyDylas*
pic 6 - Rose
pic 7 - sailboat
pic 8 - Nyan Cat
pic 9 - 9/11 Memento*

* will likely not overwrite

These really don't take that long to make. Usually 30 minutes for me, and that's only when I actually give a fair amount of effort. --But, anyways... I drew Dylas from Rune Factory 4 today. I messed up his eyes, and since there isn't an undo option on the calculator, so I ended up just coloring them in. I have a way to correct mistakes--but I'll explain that some other time. x)

Haha these are so awesome. It reminds me of those people that make masterpieces on an Etch-a-Sketch. =P
It sort of is, in a way. :yes: Except that I don't have to have it all be one connected line. :bleh:

Since I erased my old Hilda, I decided to make a new one today. The background was a horrible idea--and not to mention loaded with errors--but it made for good shading practice, anyway... Maybe I'll make something more landscape-y sometime. xD Too many character portraits .-.

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These are really, really good! O: I don't know how you make them look so great on a calculator. It's really amazing! Nice work. c:

Halloween~ <3

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