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Skyward Sword Best Region in SS?


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May 26, 2010
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This is an old (and I mean like petrified-old) topic, but e'en so I was watching (still am) a review that talked of SS' regions. I was wondering, which region do you find to be the best?

I'm going to run with the Lanayru Desert region. For as much as I hate the ancient robots for their one dimensional personalities, I find that the region had the least amount of handholding as well as the *best* dungeons in the game bar Sky Keep (qimme dat Sandship and LMF). Really, the timeshift mechanics were ingenious and very VERY intuitive.


May 18, 2013
You pretty much nailed this topic, wasn't there a poll about this before? I think Lanayru Desert won it. Unless I imagined it or something....
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Jul 1, 2013
Lanayru Desert is probably the best, objectively, due to the creativity of the puzzles and the ingenious timeshift stone mechanics and whatnot. I personally couldn't stand the place myself, though, because it was a huge pain to traverse.

My favorite is definitely Faron Woods. I love its music, I love Lake Floria, Ancient Cistern is my favorite dungeon; it's all about the atmosphere for me.


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Jul 8, 2012
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I like Faron Woods. The music is pretty, the landscape is pretty and it's home to one of my favorite dungeons in Zelda history, the Ancient Cistern. However, I also like the Lanayru region for its temples and the timeshift stones, but the actual dessert itself isn't that great--though I did like the boat section. So yeah, I'm gonna go with Faron.
Jul 22, 2011
Lanayru, quite obviously.

And robots are no more one-dimensional than Gorons, Zoras, Deku, and any other Zelda race you can think of.


Jan 10, 2011
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Lanayru, definitely. It's where the game's two best dungeons are (which are two of the best in the entire series), and it's where the most intricate and inventive challenges of the game's overworld take place. The Ancient Robots and multiple Moldarachs also added a nice bit of world-building to the province, which is something Zelda desperately needs more of.

I think Lanayru is a fine candidate for the best-designed area in the entire series, to be honest.

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Dec 6, 2012
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Each of the area's in Skyward Sword were done pretty well in my opinion, I'd like to talk about the pros and cons of each area and then state which one I felt was the best.

I'll start with Faron. Being the first overworld area in Skyward Sword, Faron Woods sorta gives you your first taste of the game and sorta let's you know what to expect throughout the game. It's a great starting area, it's music is fantastic! Fitting the area perfectly with a mix of excitement and curiosity to it that sets the atmosphere of the Woods perfectly. Being the pretty much the first place Link has been on the surface other then the Sealed Grounds, Faron Woods is sort of where Link has gotten his bearings and is ready to really knuckle down to his quest, so I think the music fits perfectly. Faron Woods has also got to be one of the most visually amazing areas in any video game I've ever played. While that can be said of almost any place in Skyward Sword, the Faron Region nails it better then any of the other areas. As a whole the region looks outstanding. The tone of Faron Woods is incredibly light hearted and they did that well, although it's not my favorite tone of the game, they executed it well imo and I think the Faron area was done very well. It's dungeons are really good too. I liked Skyview Temple, as it's music complimented the dungeon incredibly well and it was a semi challenging first temple, which is refreshing and also managed to have a very good boss fight. The Ancient Cistern was one of the most visually impressive places I've seen in Zelda, and I loved the Dungeon, it wasn't my favorite, and the music was sorta meh, but overall it was a good temple with a epic boss to cap it off.

Eldin. The fiery mountain region, a unique and rugged beauty to the area, it as a whole focuses more on gameplay then it does the whole atmosphere. I found that in that department Eldin is somewhat lacking, but has some of the funnest gameplay in Skyward Sword. The music for Eldin Volcano is good, although I'm not sure it's the best they could've done for it but that being said, I still liked it. The Earth Temple was really fun, despite being one of my least favorite Dungeons in SS, it's steal one of my favorite in Zelda. :D The Fire Sanctuary was also incredible, it used to be my favorite in Skyward Sword (aka the series) but that has been taken by a different Temple, it's gameplay was ridiculously fun. As a whole the Eldin Region was good, not great but it was good.

And now we come to Lanayru. Lanayru's region started out incredibly boring to me, and I'd say it has one of the slowest starts to a region out of the Zelda series. That being said once you get off the ground and get to the Lanayru Mining Facility, things really start to pick up. Lanayru as a whole really focuses on the atmosphere but still backs it up with strong and entertaining gameplay. The music to each place in Lanayru fits their places flawlessly, each seeming to have an element of mourning or sadness, which I believe is a big part of Lanayru as it is a scorched and dead land (prior to hitting the timeshift stone) and there seems to be a sadness about the whole area as a result. It's a land that used to flourish and be a place of life and beauty, now it is not even a shadow of what it once was. The music that goes to Lanayru Harbor captures the feeling of sadness perfectly and creates the perfect atmosphere. Every time I play through Lanayru I'm just breath-taken by how well done it is. The dungeons were cool too, Lanayru Mining Facility is probably my least favorite dungeon in the game, but it's still a good dungeon overall, focusing heavily on puzzle based challenges which is cool but doesn't really make for great re-playability value. That being said it's still an awesome ride. Then you have the Sandship, my favorite Dungeon in the Zelda series. I think it really helps that the bow and arrow is introduced to the game in that Dungeon, being my favorite item. The theme to the dungeon I really liked as well, and the gameplay was really good. I especially liked the shootouts with the Bokoblins as easy as they may have been, it was one of the most enjoyable moments in the game for me.

So overall I guess it's obvious my favorite is Lanayru. It just was the strongest in terms of atmosphere and gameplay, it took the best from both of the previous regions and turned it into a incredible region that was pretty much flawless.
Oct 3, 2012
Barnegat, NJ
I liked Lanayru the best. The whole Sand Sea and the Sandship ideas were really neat. Also, the mine carts in the shipyard was quite fun, even though I kept screwing up some turns with the motion controls. The Sandship was probably my favorite dungeon in the game; I really like those dungeons that are something than "just" a dungeon, i.e. Snowpeak Ruins being a mansion, and the Sandship being, well, a ship.


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Jun 15, 2012
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My favourite area is probably Faron because it feels so big, it's beautiful, and I just generally like it. Lanayru did have the better dungeons, but I feel like the Eldin region is being neglected and I actually think it's a nice area so I'm going to say a brief thing about that :)

I think it's nice. I liked the dynamics with the lava, having to avoid so many of those angry red dudes dropping boulders, and the puzzles all around the area were well thought-out. You have to use pretty much every item in that area at some point, which is cool. I don't really like fire regions much in games, especially Zelda games- the challenge tends to be the fire and/or heat, not in the actual dungeons or puzzles themselves. I do believe the Eldin region in SS is maybe the one exception to this, although I must admit all the backtracking and dowsing for the parts of the key is freaking annoying at times.
Dec 9, 2012
Lanayru, definitely. It's where the game's two best dungeons are (which are two of the best in the entire series), and it's where the most intricate and inventive challenges of the game's overworld take place. The Ancient Robots and multiple Moldarachs also added a nice bit of world-building to the province, which is something Zelda desperately needs more of.

I think Lanayru is a fine candidate for the best-designed area in the entire series, to be honest.
And I thought you didn't love Skyward Sword enough.

Even though I didnt' get much enjoyment from any of the areas, my favorite is Faron Woods. It would tie with the Lanayru Mine, but the Silent Realm theme for Faron is my favorite piece in the game, imo.


Jul 1, 2012
I'm pretty split on the regions from Skyward Sword, I'm not a fan of the overworld as a whole and I was disappointed by the scope of each province as well as lack of exploration. That being said, I like the sheer content that each province contains.

Visually and the design of the surrounding area, I would have to say Faron, I'm a big fan of Forest themed areas, and I did like the effect the graphical style gave to the area, but it was a very linear area and it didn't encourage exploration. I'm not a big fan of Fire themed areas, so it's not surprise I didn't like Eldin. I also hated the fact that I felt trapped without room for full exploration, but it was nice to have a continuous journey -- almost Dungeon-esque. Lanayru is like happy medium to me, the visuals were quite pleasing and the design of the area was generally ok; however, unlike the others, this area felt a lot more open and vast.

So for me it's Lanayru. I'd say I am a fan of desert areas, but this one was quite different to the others. It had a nice balance of content and open space and if this was a continuous theme throughout the entire overworld of Skyward Sword then I would have been a lot more content. I think Lanayru had the most challenging aspects as well, I found the former two rather easy and, don't get me wrong, Lanayru wasn't some big revelation in challenge, but it definitely felt more difficult.


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Sep 13, 2011
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As much as I loved the mechanics behind Lanayru Dessert and how diverse it could be, I have to go with Faron Woods.
It is just a very happy setting that is just fun to run around and enjoy the scenery. The color scheme, flora, fauna, and even the music make it an all together enjoyable experience. The music is some of my favorite in the series with its heavy use of the wind instraments and upbeat tone.
And finally, who doesnt love the kikwi.

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