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Best Controller?

Which wins?

  • Xbox 360 Controller

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  • PS3 Controller

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  • Wii Remote

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  • Gamecube Controller

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  • Classic Controller (VC)

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  • Xbox Controller

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  • Nintendo 64 Controller

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Math is power.
May 28, 2009
Indiana, USA
I'd have to say the PS3 controller. I'm not much of a Sony fanboy, but I love the Playstation controller. It's buttons are perfectly mapped out and in reach of the joysticks at both ends of the entire device. The Xbox controller resembles an amorphous blob for me to handle easily. I love the Gamecube controller, but it's not as versatile as the Playstation controller. The Playstation controller has two sets of L and R buttons, which facilitates menu options and things of that nature a bit easier than the Gamecube controller. Also, the joysticks are pressable buttons on the PS2 and PS3 controllers, which not only gives games more options for accessing menus and such, but also eliminates the need for another set of buttons to do just that. In short, the Playstation controller does a lot more with the space it has.

The classic controller was a great idea, but as Nintendo always does, they took that great idea and turned it into something impractical. It's an attachment to the Wiimote, so the the Wiimote will just be hanging down from the controller, which makes it a bit less appealing. But it doesn't end there, no. It's attached to the Wiimote from the bottom of the controller, which is contrary to how controllers are set up. So you have the chord of the Wiimote not only hanging down into your lap, but it's hanging from a position that hasn't been used by a video game controller in a long time.

Like I said, I like the Gamecube controller, but it's not as versatile as the Playstaion controller. I didn't find the N64 controller as bad as everyone said it was, I personally wasn't bothered by the awkward handle setup as most people were, but I can see where people are coming from when they dislike the N64 controller.


Horizon Walker
Aug 3, 2009
Before I got a GC I would have said the N64 controller, but now I would have to say the GC controller.

First off, the Gamecube's controller is small. My hands are small. It fits almost perfectly in my hand, and my hands don't 'cramp up' from holding it to long during an extreme game fest. This almost always happens to me during a game fest with other controllers.

Secondly, it's easy for me to keep a grip on the GC controller's analog stick, and on Sony analog sticks. However on old systems my hands easily cramp on the plus pad and on the N64 my fingers would hurt on the analog stick if I played too long, not to mention the 64 controllers analog sticks are easy to wear out.

However, I find the button layout on the N64 better than the GC controller. Alot of it has to do with the Z button. The location of the Z button is brilliant. When playing a FPS like Goldeneye 007, it is located in such a way that it seems to mimic pulling the trigger of a gun.

Overall, the deciding factor for me is the fact that the gamecube controller fits in my hand perfectly, if it wasn't for that I would probably find the N64 one tied with the GC if not superior.

Thanks for listening to my opinion, and goodbye! :wave:
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