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Anime Cannot Save You From Mafia - Sign Ups


King of Lorule Lounge
Jan 19, 2018
I've thought some things over, and decided that, fun as this sounds, I'll need to drop out.
No biggie.
I’m so sorry you guys, but I’m going on a trip tomorrow, and it’ll last at least a week. I didn’t expect this game to take so long to get ready, so I didn’t think the trip would be an issue. Sorry, but, if this game starts before seven days are up, you’ll have to sub me out.

It’s perfectly okay, you can play the game without me. I can just sign up for the next on! Besides, I know how excited you experienced mafia players are for Viral Maze to play.

Hope you enjoy the game! <3 <3
I can send out roles while you're away and start the game when you get back, depending on how long your trip is.


If either sub (@Legacy of Smiles or @Viral Maze) wants to fill Chevy's slot, feel free to do so, first come first serve.

Please also PM me an anime if you choose to do so.
The slots have been refilled.

I'll get back on this after work. I've been working a lot of overtime this week, but I've got a normal 8 hour day today.
My phone is no longer powering on, sorry for all the delays. I'll need to get it repaired today, which could slow things down.

Sorry for all the delays, this week has been overwhelming.
[falls asleep in the corner again]

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