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Anime Cannot Save You From Mafia - Sign Ups


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Jan 19, 2018
You have sinned.

You have killed each other countless times.

Many times, the people you have killed have been innocent.

Your hands are all stained with blood.

And you wash that blood off with what?



If that is how you avoid the true weight of your actions, so be it.

I will turn your escapism into your punishment.

Anime is your prison now.

And I am your warden.

  • This is a game.
  • It requires between 12 and 14 players.
  • Typical mafia rules apply. If you're not sure, ask me.
  • Days will last at least 60 hours. I will give you your deadline at the start of day.
  • Nights will last at least 20 hours. I will give you your deadline at the start of night.
  • You may end day early with a majority vote (a "hammer").
  • Tied wagons will be resolved by me showing your usernames to an impartial party who has never met any of you and letting them decide which one of you to kill.
  • You may post during "twilight", the time before I post the end of day results but after the deadline has been reached.
  • Claims will not be forbidden, but it's possible that it will have unknown consequences if figured out by your foes. Do so at your own risk.
  • Flavor may be irrelevant to alignment.
  • Town wins when all threats to Town have been eliminated.
  • Mafia wins when it makes up at least 50% of the players in the game.
To sign up, please pm me the name of an anime I have at least some familiarity with. Feel free to post in the thread to reserve a slot, but you won't be confirmed until you send me a PM. You will be assigned a character from that anime as your role. I will reject any anime I don't know enough about to assign a character from and ask for another title. You can assume any of these are safe choices: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/grueofzork?status=2&order=1&tag= as well as most anime that are culturally iconic enough (Pokemon, DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, etc).

1. Minish
2. Libk
3. SMS
4. Legacy of Smiles
5. ExLight
6. Echolight
7. Johnny
8. Ban (Giri)
9. Kirino
10. InsaneBlathers
11. Viral Maze
12. Moe
13. DekuNut
14. Killjoy

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