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Game Thread Amazing Fantasy: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel [NIGHT 10--HIATUS]

Mint Elv

Sep 1, 2017
Garreg Mach Monastery
That's a good point!

I wonder if maybe there are other ways for the game to end than just the Mafia or Town win conditions? :suspicious:

Not to mention, changing win conditions is not that hard if indeed it truly becomes insurmountable.

Plus, who knows if Town and Mafia are truly the only two win cons that can end the game? They're the only two public ones who can end it but there are five secret win cons. :whistle:
Zinger can we target you with actions and votes?
Jun 15, 2020
The combined might of the Fantastic Four is a powerful force indeed, a powerful force...

But haven't you heard? Nothing can stop THE SANDMAN!!


The Thing's might merely pounds sand, while Mr. Fantastic's stretchy form fails to outmanoeuvre the constant and superior shape-shifting of their foe. The Invisible Woman tries and fails to hold him in force fields, and when that fails she can't even escape because he can sense her invisible form walking across the grains of his beach. Even the Human Torch, who's flaming advantage against this foe cannot be understated, is buried so deep in sand that he fails to find the oxygen required to maintain his Flame On...

The Sandman has utterly defeated Marvel's First Family.

But if you wish to know how it all shook out, here's the points tally:

Lain scored 28 points across 19 fight posts. While fey had demonstrated tremendous style with some of them, most points were from filler posts that merely upped the post count.

Meanwhile, The Human Torch scored an even more impressive 20 points across only 3 fight posts, seemingly defying the logic for how points were scored...

When you add in the bonus for cheering... Let's see, 2 people cheered for lain, while 4 cheered for the Torch. The Torch's point total gets +5 points for winning the audience's favour.

Resulting in lain's marginal victory by only 3 points difference.

lain gets to decide the Torch's fate...

But the Human Torch is not alone. He has his whole family with him! What is a Sandman to do about this?

Lain, you can Remove all four of them from the Active Player pool, resulting in their temporary Exile...


You can KILL one of them, permanently removing one of the Fantastic Four from play. Choose Reed, Sue, or Ben to suffer this fate (Johnny cannot be killed in this way).

The choice is yours, lain.
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Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
as a result of my role change, non-killing actions will now fail to resolve on me and whoever targets me will have something bad happen to them (implied to be a random minor drawback). Two people have apparently already triggered this, presumably from targeting me with day abilities, so if you're one of them that's why your ability failed and whatever happened to you happened.
Jun 15, 2020

– Page 2 –

Lain Seeks the Destruction of Town​

By Ned Leeds

The Sandman, Lain, seems to be on a rampage today, attempting to lynch what may be one of our last 5 remaining Town players in the active player pool (at the time of fact check before the hammer), as of last night's results. Lain is one of the threats to Town and owns no cooperate shares, according to last night's results.

Most importantly, the results last night have revealed that Lain's threshold is Infinite.

(This article received a front page fact-check. All bolded and green information is true.)


– Page 3 –

Letters to the Editor​

Martha Connors said:
Please, I am afraid for my son. Tell Spider-Man he needs to target MARTHA CONNORS with any targeting ability he has. Oh god, my husband... He's been sighted in New York! I know he's come here for Billy, I just know it. Tell Spider-Man to hurry!


Martha Connors

Dear Martha,

I'm sorry, in my haste to get this out to the thread I accidentally mixed up the details and said to target Lizard and not you. I'm sorry if I messed anything up, it was certainly not intentional.



– Page 4 –

Editor's Note​

By Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

Dear Readers,

Things are looking bleak, but we're trying our hardest here at the Daily Bugle.

Keep up the good work everyone,

Robbie Robertson
Contact Us


– Page 5 –

Rumble in the Bronyou​

By J. Jonah Jameson

In the early hours of the morning it’s reported that Spider-Man tracked a giant lizard, allegedly the former researcher Curt Conners, to a terra formed swamp laboratory. In the ensuing battle Spider-Man attempted to deliver unknown, untested chemical concoctions to the lizard, likely in an attempt to euthanize it. However the serum didn’t seem to have the effect the Spider wanted.

As the battle continued the Lizard answered all of Spider-Man’s attempts to subdue him and in the end overpowered the Spider. While the Spider’s ultimate fate has yet to be determined, there have been reports of red, blue, and green blurs within the sewers of this fair city.


(This is an ARTIST'S RENDITION of what a Spider-Lizard hybrid MIGHT look like.)

The Lizard remains at large at this time.


– Page 6 –

Food Corner​

By Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

I had leftover pizza for dinner tonight. It was good.

Until next time, stay hungry New York City!


– Page 7 –



Please send any such info my way.



Classifieds - The Daily Bugle is now Hiring!

The Daily Bugle is looking to hire a photographer, a secretary, reporters, and possibly other staff.

Please write a Letter to the Editor validated by your character name with your character name, player name, alignment, desired salary and anything you'd like to say about why you think we should hire you.

Application enclosed below.

Application said:
Character name:
Player name:
Desired salary:
Why we should hire you:




– Page 8 –

Daily Funny​

Calvin and Hobbes



Daily Bugle Archives

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Jun 15, 2020


Day 10 will soon break (tonight), but before it does, I have some important announcements.

First off...

Captan_Lunch has been Modkilled. He was Mafia-Aligned Sergei Kravinoff, pre-transformation of titular Spidey villain Kraven the Hunter. He's also being removed from the game entirely, rather than putting him into the dead player pool, because that impacts some people's win cons. I will also offer some limited Mod-confirmed guidance to the teams that are severely negatively impacted by his removal.

Now I hate Modkilling players so much that I'm the mod who came up with other forms of punishment (most notably, the modvote) to avoid ever doing it, but sometimes you're left with no choice, and several months into a game with no replacements in sight is one of those times. I'm sure some of you want an explanation for this action, but I don't really want to go into it in great detail. The short version is that CL decided to back out of the game, and for some reason felt it was necessary to make some transphobic and homophobic remarks in the process of doing so. I can only assume he thought private messages with me was a safe place to vent his frustrations at how "woke" the environment I was trying to foster in ZPx3 was feeling to him--not sure *why* he'd think that I would understand his feelings on the matter considering he was taking an issue with *my* stances on safe spaces, but whatever. I really didn't appreciate his comments considering some of the valued members of our small community fall into these respective groups. So yeah, it was an easy decision to make sure his departure from the game was as unceremonious as possible. Or as Bully Macguire would say...


Next up...
As you all know this game has been exceedingly difficult for me to run. On top of the fact that I made the game too complex, I've also been suffering from major Autistic Burnout (which is clinically distinct from general burnout, but both are bad so not sure if the distinction is necessary; look it up if you want). I don't enjoy changing the way I run a game midway through but I think for the health of the game it is at that point where it has become necessary to do that. I've decided to take a few drastic measures to reduce the workload and impact on my burnout. Those are:
  1. I will no longer resolve Day actions on odd-numbered vote counts (unless they are the Final vote count in a Day). This effectively halves the number of Day resolution periods you will get, but it doesn't reduce your total action economy, just the number of queues they can be fired off in.​
  2. Roles that give you Daily salaries will no longer give Daily Salaries. Instead, I will give you a lump sum that is equal to what you would have gotten Daily if nothing else changed for the next 7 Days. That's it for that. If someone gains a role that would've had a daily salary, I will do for them the same. The one exception to this is the publisher of the daily bugle role which has a budget to maintain and that I will continue to micromanage daily. Corporate Shares that give daily salaries will continue to do so.​
  3. Wire transfer fees and minimums are drastically being increased. The minimum transfer is now $1,000, and the transfer fee on top of that is a flat $1,000 or 10% (whichever is greater). There is no longer a maximum number of characters on messages attached to a transfer though. I strongly considered eliminating wire transfers altogether because micromanaging them is a pain in the ass but realized I can't because of some roles, so I am leaving it in the game but making it exceedingly expensive to reduce their frequency.​

Activity rules will no longer be enforced (were they ever really to begin with?). I have too much to juggle to chase down people who are themselves too busy to play.

CL is completely removed from the game; Odd-numbered vote counts no longer resolve abilities (unless they end the Day); finances work differently for Daily salaried roles and wire transfers; & lurkers will no longer be punished for lurking.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask them to me in Discord.

Day 10 will start tonight I promise. Happy New Year.
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Jun 15, 2020

The sun has finally risen on a new Day, and for once, the main competitors of the Daily Bugle have the scoop! Check out the front page of the Daily Globe, hot off the presses this morning...


What a shocking turn of events! Who will save the town from the terrible Spider-Lizard?!

Oh, and in other news, Tevish Szat was beaten to death in an alley last Night. Could this new menace be responsible? By day he was the blind lawyer, Matt Murdock, but evidence has been uncovered that by night he was parading around as the Superhero-Aligned Daredevil. How could a blind man be a superhero? Was he faking his blindness all this time? I guess we will never know.



With 16 players in the Active Player pool, Day 10 should clock in at 88 hours. That said, I am adding an extra +55 hours to the time limit both so that the Day doesn't end on a weekend, and also to give anyone who (understandably) stopped paying attention a chance to realize the game has resumed. Of course, that all means very little if the Day ends early because of a hammer...

Day 10's Deadline has been set for Monday, January 8th, at 7 AM Eastern Time.

Click here for an accurate countdown.​

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