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All Nighters. DDDDDDDD:<


Jul 15, 2009
I have this incredibly bad habit of leaving the most important assignments until the lastest moment possible. Every time. I think I'm starting to lose count... which isn't good.

One of the most brutal was probably... my Statistics coursework. It wasn't a true all-nighter, like with my art coursework (literally, I closed my last sketchbook, went to wash my brushes and then put some fresh clothes on for the next day T-T ), but it was so much more brutal because I actually had to think about it because I was drawing out graphs and calculations. I couldn't afford to go into sleep-deprived autopilot mode D:
Thankfully though, my teacher ended up entering us all for the lower tier paper (which was easier), so whatever rubbish I'd made up in the night ended up being sufficient and I managed to get a decent grade =D

The majority of my English Literature essays were also written at 1am the night before, and yet I managed to scrape almost full marks =D
(Mountain Dew ftw~!)

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Im a huge procrastinator, and im only in 7th grade. Its gunna be hard for High School and College.

Last year I didn't do my Science Expo Project, which was about 40 percent of my grade. I got a 71 that quarter, but somehow got in the high honor roll.


Sep 20, 2008
I've never had to pull an all nighter due to schoolwork, as I normally do it straight away or break it up into segments. (I would say i'm pretty good with workload/time management).

However, i've stayed up all night several times working.

In January, after my grandfather suddenly passed, I stayed up all night talking to people about their problems and making tea for them. Pretty tiring work, if I do say so myself. Though, all that tea made me quite sleepy the next day.

I suffer from insomnia a lot, and because of that, i've become quite accustomed to being up all night doing something, and then falling asleep for an hour or two before continuing on with my day as usual. So pulling an all nighter wouldn't necessarily be a problem.


Feb 25, 2010
I do this always. If you want to do this, I suggest having A. SSBB B. (At least) 3 Friends C. Whatever controllers you want to use
Aug 7, 2011
Malibu, CA
Sometimes I stay up until 2 to watch American Dragon. I probably could have made it several times but I decided I didn't want to waste my day tomorrow. Hmm, maybe I could do it tonight...

PK Love Omega

PK Flash's Good Twin
Jul 28, 2011
In a forest
Saturday, anout 20 pages of homework and revising to do alltogether......
I'll just do an all nighter while drinking some fizzy pop.


Lushier than Mercy!
Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I've never pulled an all-nighter (except for my last job in which I was forced to do the night shifts.... and my High School Safe Grad). The latest I've ever stayed up for school work was mid-night and I thought that was too late to be doing work. I have the mindset that if it's not done by the night before, it's not going to get done. Thankfully I've never put anything off to that extent before so I didn't have to worry.


Horizon Walker
Aug 3, 2009
I do a lot of things last minute when I know I can, and I frequently stay up late anyway. Never quite pulled an academic all-nighter, but this semester I’ve spent several nights doing homework till 3 or 4 AM, often finishing up an assignment due for an 8 AM class. Not quite all night, but it stinks to run on 2 hours of sleep and still have homework to finish for the afternoon class 6 hours later. (Especially when it’s snowing like crazy and the only rational thing to do seems to be to take a nap under some warm and toasty covers. It’s even crueler when you saw it snowing out your window late the night before and foolishly hoped for a delay so you could get a decent amount of sleep and a delay on turning in a project. This actually happened more than once. ;_; )

Like I said I’m pretty used to staying up till at least midnight though, so I’m not sure how much this habit will change seeing as I’ll be able to sleep in a bit next semester. Or maybe that means I’ll stay up even later. >_>;

We shall see. :P


Princess of Hyrule
Sep 9, 2011
Back in my junior year of high school I was pulling an all-nighter at least one a week- usually two or three times. Not good. I fell asleep almost all the time in class, and I was just way too tired to properly function. Fortunately, I quit my job and took some easier classes the next year, and it all balanced out.

Now I still sort of procrastinate, but school has never forced me to pull an all-nighter, although there have been times I've functioned on only a couple of hours of sleep. Sometimes I have to work all night, but I usually can sleep some during the day before that. Most of my all-nighters now come from insomnia.


*Insert title here*
Feb 9, 2011
Midwestern US
Never pulled an all nighter due to assignments, thought there have been quite a few times when I probably should have. I'm ending my third semester in college next week, though, and I'm sure I'll have a few down the road.

I almost pulled a couple off this semester, but completely by accident. I'm in my college's marching band and both almost-all nighters happened the night before a morning game. This meant that I had to go all the way across campus (about a 30 minute speed walk) and be at our football stadium at 7 am, which also is before any of the campus buses are running. Now, in order to wake up, eat breakfast, get in my uniform, and get to practice on time, I had to wake up at 5. Well, the first time I did this, I had insomnia issues and fell asleep at 2:30. I ended up sleeping through my alarm and woke up at 6:30. Whoops. Something similar happened again a few games later, only that time it was almost 4 when I fell asleep. My alarm woke mean up, though, so I was working off an hour of sleep. Yeah, that's as close as I've gotten in college.

In high school, though, I did pull an all nighter because of convenience. The summer before my senior year, we took a trip to Europe for our western civilization course. Our last day was in London and the next morning we had a flight at 6 or 7 in the morning. We had to meet in the hotel lobby at 3 am and, well, we had stayed out extremely late that night. It was almost midnight by the time we were in out rooms. So, I decided to just stay up and not go to bed. Our flight was seven hours anyway, I could sleep then, which I did. Interestingly enough, one thing that makes this extremely memorable is the fact that it was the day Micheal Jackson died. It's kind of difficult for me to think of them separately because of it.

donkey kong

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Aug 10, 2011
Your house
I always stay up all night usually playing games or watching TV. I am a huge procrastinator and I never get any sleep because I am a night owl. It is amazing how I still have straight A's. Most of the time I would stay up very late when I have to do school assignments that I "forgot" to finish.

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