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A Bit Addicted?

Oct 26, 2008
I like to think of myself as a senior member, when infact I am just a 3rd gen member of the site, I think anyway. So really, in terms of the generations of the site, I am a junior member of sorts. However, compared to the majority of people who still use the forum, I am a senior member. I outdate a fair majority of the mods, HK's and HN's to. The only reason that my activity on the site has dropped a fair amount since I first joined if because there really aren't that many good threads that I can find that I can post in due to the fact that I have either posted in them before or lack the knowledge to be able to join in with the discussion without looking like a total idiot.

The reason that I like to visit here frequently (meaning basically everyday) is that I have a few friends on here that I like too talk to, and I can still find the odd thread or two to post in every once in a while. I like being on the forum, because it's helped my grammatical skills greatly, even though they still aren't perfect. I guess I like being able to just talk, discuss or debate with some of the intelligent members here that I like to talk to.

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
@ Durion

I've settled down, too. I don't usually post more than three or four times a day. My maz used to be almost 40 in one day, and that's hyperactivity. Now I'm chill, and my average posts per day is slowly declining. It's unusual that my rep has been advancing at unexpected rates while I haven't been posting much. Plus, the arcade diverts my attention for quite a while. I try to climb up the leaderboards, but it's easier said than done to surpass Cool_dogs, Kybyrian, Mases and TheGreen.


I not necessarily addicted, I mean, I like coming on here, but usually I just don't have time. And usually it's laggy for my old school computer. v.v

I really like it here, though. Nice members, fun community, it's just like a party. Everyone welcomes everybody. It's one of the nicest forums I've joined Fo' Sho'. =P
Sep 16, 2009
Cali For Nuh
Yeah I'm addicted... Maybe not necessarily to the site itself, but definitely the community. There is friendship here. I post more in hope that others will post more, so I can find out more about them.

Community and friendship is what does it for me... Its like a drug. I need moar.

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