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6 Graders

Sep 25, 2011
I am 21 and a Senior in college and completely self dependent and reliant. I have no help from any family members. I pay for all my own things, food, car, phone bills (I pay for two since I pay for my girlfriend's as well) And let me tell you... Enjoy your middle school and high school years as much as you possibly can because I really miss living with my mom and knowing I have something and someone there to take care of me. As far as school goes, college is amazing! There's so much freedom, depending where you go. You're professors may not care one day and so they'll just say no class. It's an experience of a lifetime but please promise me all you younger kids reading this... DON'T be in a rush to grow up... enjoy the years of your life because before you know it... they'll sneak away.


Apr 22, 2011
That's nothing. Our webmaster Mases is also 12, but then again, he's been 12 for a very long time.

All the young ones in here make me feel old. Enjoy your youth, you only get to live it once.

Say that again in 30 years.
You are 18, Your life has just begun.. -.-

I'm currently in the first year of High-School and 6 feet tall.
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Jan 9, 2011
i am 6th grade and i am 5.2go 6th graders

how are you a moderator if you are only 12

He/she/it was joking, I'm 12 years old and what is this is an internet meme if you know what that is. on topic I'm in 9th grade, it's kinda chill since we're not the youngest anymore, but still don't have to freak out over grades like the 10th graders have to :)

Edit: austin is 18 years old


The Emperor
Apr 29, 2010
I'm only 8, so I can't join with out asking mother. I wish I was in 6 the grad like you. I honestly think you're one of the cooler peopleon this site. I think Mases should give you the key to ZeldaDungeon.net. You could make this site/forum even better. You love Zelda more than most people. If you need any help, just ask me.;)

I still think I look epic, for a youngling!


I just wish I was older, so I could use bigger vocabulary words.:(
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Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
I was twelve two years ago, and my sixth grade was one I remembered fondly. Although I did get knee-deep into some serious trouble, the year was mostly just a whole lot of fooling around and being seen as "the funny kid" in school for a year.

It's been awhile since then, and I can say for sure that I did feel somewhat lonely. I just feel more optimistic about life now, and I feel like I can just be myself. Expectations seemed sort of high back in sixth grade in terms of popularity. It was a fight to the death to climb up on the popularity ladder, to the point where the class one year under my class actually made an entire "popularity list" listing all the students in the entire grade from number one to number two hundred.

Sixth graders, ay. Everyone was immature then, but everyone here seems pretty mature. I'm sure you'll find lots of nice sixth grade friends that are compatible with you. :>

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