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1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.


1431: make a non Zelda fan go mad by shouting "HEY, WATCH OUT!!!" at the top of you lungs in their ear all day. Then rig the persons alarm clock for it to do just that at three in the morning and bust out the off and volume cntrol buttons, superglue and ducktape the plug to the wall, seal the circuit breaker box or whatever in an "on" position, seal the clock in an inpenatrable box that still lets all the sound through, and encase the wire in a chain mail (the chain- link stuff mideival people used for armor in adittion to the knight suit. You can't cut through chain mail) type thing, so that the only thing the person can do to stop the constant HEY WATCH OUT is pay someone to make a giant hole in the wall and disconnect the wires there.

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