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  1. CyborgElfStephanie

    Breath of the Wild Funniest Moment with the 8-Bit Link amiibo

    I was in the mountain's shrine when this happened. I used the 8-Bit Link amiibo, when using that amiibo you get four barrels and a chest, this time one of the barrels was a bomb barrel when the chest landed on it causing an explosion right next to me. I thought I would die but instead the...
  2. A

    Breath of the Wild Fandub

    Hello there everyone! As you can tell, my username is ActingAlpaca, but you can just call me Sim. I've been interested in creating audio-dramas and fan-dub projects for a while, and wanted to do one centering around LoZ. I've been looking at the different Zelda games, and have decided to go with...
  3. Dcapo89

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ~ Temple of Time (Solo Piano)

    Hey all, I recently recorded this cover of Breath of the Wild's version of the "Temple of Time" music. I love this version because of how simple and meditative it is, but how beautiful and charming the reharmonized chord progression sounds. Hope you guys enjoy listening to this as much as I did...
  4. Owly

    Breath of the Wild Theoretical Temple Locations

    Hoot! I was a bit disappointed that the game only received four major dungeons instead of traditional temples (The Divine Beasts were still cool though). So, I had a thought the other day while rewatching all of the trailers and took a good look at the overworld map, if the devs decided to put...
  5. Dcapo89

    Song of Storms ~ Piano Arrangement set to rainy BoTW landscape footage.

    Hey guys, I run a Youtube Channel that primarily does VGM covers and some original compositions, and this week I posted a solo piano rendition of Song of Storms that I think some of you might enjoy. It just finally started raining here in California, so it feels like perfect timing. This tune is...
  6. Dcapo89

    Breath Of The Wild - Hateno Village (Piano Cover)

    Hey guys, I recently wrote and recorded a piano arrangement of the Hateno Village music from Breath of the Wild. It's easily one of my favorite tracks from the game and I think it works really well as a solo piano piece. I'll be making more zelda covers and taking requests if people are...
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