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  1. Mases

    Rate The Last TV Series That You Watched

    Some of these episodes were great... others were kind of awful. Very uneven for me. Some were very uncomfortable. I never finished the one with the birds as it was uncomfortable. [I was watching it alone... in my house... at 2am...] Not a good episode for that! That was last week and I haven't...
  2. Mases

    How was 2022 for you personally?

    Another step forward in life... I bought a new house. (technically December 22nd, 2021) - but didn't move in fully until 2nd week of January, so it feels like a 2022 thing. Progress in my volunteer work and businesses. Bunch of a steps forward and a couple steps back in personal advancement...
  3. Mases

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    They give him the name 'Lost Old Man' in the credits. His Granddaughter is one of the 7 maidens that you rescue.
  4. Mases

    My Metroid Journey

    At this point, I plan on playing Metroid Fusion and then I think Zero Mission. I don't really have ideas of playing anything beyond that yet. I'm kind of really taking my sweet time on this, so that will last me awhile. I'm not too anxious to play Metroid Prime.
  5. Mases

    My Metroid Journey

    I meant that as in... I think I'm going to play Zero Mission before touching Metroid Prime.
  6. Mases

    My Metroid Journey

    Yes - I think i wanted to experience the series as it was released. That's the goal. Plus, as a HUGE NES fan and collector, it was a glaring whole in my gaming history, why I hadn't played Metroid. That said, I DO plan on playing Zero Mission, after Fusion. I think I'm going to break the order...
  7. Mases

    My Metroid Journey

    A few years back I had a long chat with Andy, out Editor-in-Chief at Zelda Dungeon, and also the owner of 'Omega Metroid', the video game website and podcast, dedicated to Metroid. I made a promise that I'd play through the first 4 Metroid games. Well, it has been 3 years, and I'm just about...
  8. Mases

    So what did you get for Christmas?

    I had a Christmas Party at my new house a couple weeks back, which doubled as a house-warming party for those that hadn't been over yet. I got a LOT of Wine and other Liquor. (What do my friends/family think of me???) - Also got bunch of money and gift cards. A nice spice rack, a decorative...
  9. Mases

    Has anyone seen the 1989 Zelda Cartoon?

    At this point, I think it's almost silly to hate this show. It's 30+ years old and I think it has aged very similar to the CD-i Zelda games almost. It's awful, but it's now a fun part of the series' history. We can look back and laugh at how absolutely silly it is.
  10. Mases

    Dumb comments you often see or hear

    When I hear it, my immediate reaction is... If this person needs to clarify they are being honest, does that imply that if they DON'T say this, they are not being honest? I think I just generally take all interactions as if somebody is being honest, unless I have some reason to question what...
  11. Mases

    What scared you today?

    Yikes! Hope everything is okay. Two nights ago I was watching the new show 'Archive 81'. Got about 45-minutes into episode 1.... it was 2am. I live in a house, by myself... Thought to myself, what the heck am I doing. Was too freaked out to continue watching. Finished it last night. Messed up show.
  12. Mases

    Dumb comments you often see or hear

    People starting statements with, "To be honest"
  13. Mases

    Wind Waker HD Text Changes w/ Tingle

    It is a requirement to save Tingle at some point, to decipher the Triforce Charts. So it's not actually adding any requirements overall, just changing when you need to do them.
  14. Mases

    What was your most recent purchase?

    Got myself a new phone, or a 'new' phone. I had the Microsoft Surface Duo for over a year now. Good phone, but I wanted to get the Surfade Duo, (that released back in October '21). After my old phone had an unfortunate fall, I finally pulled the trigger. It was originally retailing at like...
  15. Mases

    Wind Waker HD Text Changes w/ Tingle

    Yup - that is correct. You have to free Tingle to buy the sail. These are the quotes that are added in the HD version that are NOT in the original. (Note, the first two quotes are only said if you speak to Zunari, BEFORE rescusing Tingle). The third quote is only said, if you previously spoke...
  16. Mases

    What Annoyed You Today?

    It was negative 36 degrees (F) - last night. Now it has warmed up and is now in the negative 20's... (If that's considered warmed up). Some of the coldest weather I ever remember seeing in the Chicago area. A little annoying as I'm kind of stuck in this house with this weather.
  17. Mases

    Wind Waker HD Text Changes w/ Tingle

    I've been replaying Wind Waker HD for a site project and I've noticed a few fun little things. In general, the game text is identical from Wind Waker to Wind Waker HD. VERY LITTLE was changed. Mostly just text that relates to the controls of the game, not what was saying. I've been talking to...
  18. Mases

    I want a Third Hero of Time Game

    With so many of these remakes happening in the last decade... it makes me wonder. Grezzo made Ocarina of Time 3D... and Majora's Mask 3D. They had that engine. Wish they would have made a NEW game in that style. I think the ship has left the dock on that one though. Not happening. I'm not...
  19. Mases

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    Getting to the FIre Sanctuary is like the 2/3 point in the game. There's still lots of content afterwards... for better or for worse.
  20. Mases

    What might be the replacement of loftwings?

    Loftwings would be nice... but I want a Pegasus. I've always wanted a Pegasus. Why can't Nintendo give me a Pegasus. Please?
  21. Mases

    Hestu or Nostu?

    I think it can be for a totally different purpose, maybe just some side quest.... but I think Hestu HAS TO BE in Tears of the Kingdom. He was one of the few standout side characters in the game. Really liked him.
  22. Mases

    Your Favorite Holiday Traditions, or Traditions You and Your Family Have Always Done.

    Usually about a week, or two weeks before Christmas, have a guys night with a bunch of my buddies at my house. This was I think the 6th year we've done it. Hang out, have some snacks, some drinks, and play.... NES games. Usually some multiplayer 2-player or 4-player games. Always a good time...
  23. Mases

    Dumb comments you often see or hear

    Also - people that call everything they dislike overrated
  24. Mases

    Last person to post wins

    It's fixed... I win.
  25. Mases

    Will TotK be a launch title for the next Nintendo system?

    Not a chance. I think the Switch is just such a massive success that there won't be new console for still awhile. Maybe 2025. Really think it has two full years left on this console. Maybe more. And a bit of a rant that is slightly off topic... We are also in a weird place where this is the...
  26. Mases

    Are you ok with making Link a customizable character?

    I don't think we should be able to customize Link, although changing armor is perfectly fine. Maybe even changing hair style or something could be okay. I think Link as an avatar of the player is not something completely pure. I think it's more that because Link his mute, we can better picture...
  27. Mases

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Christmas time, so Christmas Music! I'm not really religious, but I do love the mood of some of the darker toned Christmas songs. -What Child is This, O Holy Night, The First Noel But also... some Heavy Metal Christmas music! Sabaton's song - 'Christmas Truce'. Very powerful.
  28. Mases

    Should TotK learn from mistakes made in BotW?

    I think the quests in Breath of the Wild were a bit lame. Too much simplicity to so many of them. I think this is remedied in Tears of the Kingdom. I truly feel there is going to be less emphasis on just exploration, and much more on a massive amount of side quests, with some of them being...
  29. Mases

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 544!

    Wind Waker Link yelling 'Come On' to Medli. Gets my vote.
  30. Mases

    My TOTK theories…

    -No to Time Travel -No to AoC being canon -No to Impa being killed off in-game. (Although maybe just dies sometime before start of game if there is a period of several years) -No to Zelda being playable -YES that SOMETHING from a Breath of the Wild save file effects Tears of the Kingdom...
  31. Mases

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I don't think this is a good idea. In the past we've tried building some off-shoot websites. Pokemon Dungeon was a think for years. Darksiders Dungeon was fairly successful for a bit as well. There was a Pikmin Dungeon and talks of a Metroid Dungeon. We have a loosely affiliated Metroid website...
  32. Mases

    Breath of the Wild Best Side-Quest in Breath of the Wild?

    From the Ground Up Overall though, the side quests of Breath of the Wild are certainly not deep enough, or rewarding enough. Given the scope of the game, I was disappointed that the overwhelming majority were so simple, with lackluster rewards.
  33. Mases

    What is your opinion on the increasing prices of video games?

    I think it's fine, but should be a case by case basis, depending on the game. Even within Nintendo, sometimes its hard to equate game value between games that are the same price. If Breath of the Wild is a $60 game, how much should Link's Awakening be? Side note, I remember Majora's Mask for...
  34. Mases

    Rate The Last TV Series That You Watched

    Recently finished... Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 - 8/10 Fun world building and good characters. (Plus Sabrina's two Aunts are named Hilda and Zelda). I liked Kiernan Shipka in Mad Men and she really comes into her own with this show. [She's my pick to play Princess Zelda if they...
  35. Mases

    Most difficult final Zelda boss?

    Onox from Oracle of Seasons Demise from Skyward Sword I think those are 1 and 2. Malladus from Spirit Tracks is more annoyingly difficult, due to the precision of the spin attacks.
  36. Mases

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD: Motion vs Button Controls

    I imagine I'll probably play with the Joy-cons at first and then transition to button controls later in the game and repeat playthroughs. I worry that the game is going to feel way too simplistic and easy with button controls though. Hardly going to be a challenge fighting some of the more...
  37. Mases

    I've never played a Pokemon game, but I want to begin. Recommendations?

    I think Sword / Shield are the most accessible. But I think if you play them first, you wouldn't want to play the earlier games. If you have a DS/3DS, I'd suggest Gen IV. (Pearl/Diamond) and go up from there.
  38. Mases

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Trading

    Pretty sure you, and almost everybody else, crushed me many times. I don't think I won many matches. I also remember your Magikarp using 'Roar of Time'. I do remember using 5-underused Pokemon + Groudon. It was fun. Using Groudon + Vileplume combination in doubles.
  39. Mases

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Trading

    I think I won like 4 battles and lost about 30. Since for awhile I had no idea people had custom made Pokemon with perfect EVs and IVs that were made from Action Replay.... and had no idea what Smogon was initially. So I was just using my favorite Pokemon and not OverUsed ones. And then I used...
  40. Mases

    Best version of Hyrule Castle?

    Breath of the Wild and it's not even close. The music and the overall grand nature of it.
  41. Mases

    How important is social media to you?

    It's essential to me, because of Zelda Dungeon. If it weren't for ZD and my online presence, I would say not that important. I've removed the apps from my phones and almost exclusively use them on PC. That said, just in the last few months, I've taken to use Instagram for my game collection...
  42. Mases

    Breath of the Wild Worst area in the game?

    Gerudo Highlands and Hebra are both weak. The Highlands there is pretty much nothing. Hebra... there is some stuff, but it's so much bigger. Missed opportunity to have Hebra Village and have the Anouki in the game. Then have a smaller settlement in Gerudo Highlands as well. Lake region is also...
  43. Mases

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Just in the last two months I've gotten back into playing on the Switch, so I've picked up a bunch of games, as well as some garbage party games that are fun for live stream. I've picked up... -Pokemon Shield -Mega Man 11 -New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe -Family Feud -Wheel of Fortune / Jeopardy
  44. Mases

    Which version of BotW2 would you buy if it was cross-gen?

    Switch is still a bit too new for a new console, but I do think an upgradeable model is due. I think it would be smart of Nintendo to release a new Zelda game w/ an upgraded Switch. I would buy the Switch Pro to play it. If they are planning to release a Switch Pro in the next 18-24 months, I...
  45. Mases

    Will you get Pokémon Snap?

    I don't really think I'll get this, but not sure. I've just been getting back into playing games for my Switch the last few months. It depends what my friends decide to get
  46. Mases

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Trading

    My friend code is SW-6963-9365-7200 I'm looking for these four Pokemon right now. They are all Sword exclusives. If anybody is willing to trade. -Seedot -Rufflet -Sawk -Swirlix Also a Malamar, because I'm having some trouble with this one.
  47. Mases

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Trading

    Thanks @VikzeLink - I will keep that in mind. Jimmy is helping me get the other starters that I don't have.
  48. Mases

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Trading

    More just friendly competitive battles against other viewers and hopefully some forum members that play.
  49. Mases

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Trading

    Hey guys, picked up Shield a few weeks ago. Looking to do some trading as I eventually want to complete my Pokedex. Also will be doing some competitive battles live on our Twitch channel. Nevertheless, looking to see if anybody is willing to help trade me the two other starters I need. Looking...
  50. Mases

    Rank order the main villains

    I like the battle, but Onox as a character is awful. In the intro of the game, and then not seen until the ending. No development.
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