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  1. Tearbender

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U & Non-Linearity

    I see both sides of the argument here, as in some cases non linearity in ZU could potentially be a sort of two steps forward one step back from SS from some of the new stuff achieved because of linearity but still I'd rather have it focus on non-linearity. That can be achieved well enough, the...
  2. Tearbender

    Breath of the Wild Alchemy System in Zelda Wii U?

    I think it would be cool, especially if they made it skyrim style. The items u find on ur quests can be used to create potions sounds like a pretty cool deal.
  3. Tearbender

    Best Looking Link.

    That link's the sexiest one of them all
  4. Tearbender

    One Change

    If anything, just make the game the way it was intended to be made before the tri force quest was added in and the 2 dungeons were deleted. Just make it feel more complete and I'll be fine.
  5. Tearbender

    Breath of the Wild Wii U Art Style

    Honestly I don't want the tech demo graphics like artystyle, the artstyle imo was too bland and didn't really add much depth or darkness to the game itself. I really want them to bring back the oot/MM artstyle.
  6. Tearbender

    Is Wind Waker a Fair Introduction to the Zelda Franchise?

    Honestly every Zelda game is a good game to start as they aren't really that closely related. I mean Oot and TP might be the most ideal games to start with as they represent Zelda and its classic formula as a whole while the other installments usually are alien compared to these two games.
  7. Tearbender

    WWHD an Update That Warrants a Purchase?

    I can't see them making too many changes at this point. I mean they can increase difficulty and decrease the sail time but I don't think they can do anything else without drastically altering the game too much. Maybe change the triforce quest a bit like how the water temple was refined.
  8. Tearbender

    Breath of the Wild "Rethink the Conventions of Zelda"

    The thing about SS's linearity is that it made the improvement of being able to use almost all your items in a dungeon, not putting them to waste. I mean unless they have some branching paths in the dungeon where u can progress through different parts to complete that dungeon(which could add a...
  9. Tearbender

    Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD Screenshots + Video

    I'm interested. The WW imo was a excellent game with some major flaws. Mostly the difficulty and the triforce quest. I honestly think that this game would be stellar if the amped up the difficulty a bit and as for the tri force quest, well I don't really know. I didn't hate it THAT much. But it...
  10. Tearbender

    Breath of the Wild What You Could Go Without in ZeldaU

    I'm pretty sure controls are a part of gameplay.
  11. Tearbender

    Skyward Sword Skyward Sword U: What Are Your Feelings Towards This Idea?

    It split the fanbase? As far as I remember, wasn't that Wind Waker. I know that it was the only Zelda game to cause that big of a rift between the fanbase.
  12. Tearbender

    More Noble Beasts in Zelda?

    Maybe, but it has to be different enough for it to work and not be labeled as a TP knockoff. While a dragon seems like a cool idea, I'd want them to at least distinguish it and make it unique and useful to the game.
  13. Tearbender

    Moral Values You Have Take from The Legend of Zelda

    Well I thought it taught me that going into stranger's houses, and breaking their pots would give me money and they wouldn't care. But, I learned that one the hard way D:
  14. Tearbender

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    No offence but the way link's lips looked like isn't much of a reason to not like a game. I mean you don't really see it that much, the stabbing was the only motion control that I thought was really bad, and everything else well that's ur opinion.
  15. Tearbender

    More Straight Sequels?

    I think the Zelda franchise could use some more sequels. Though for a sequel to SS, I don't think the loft wing should really be used for travelling in the surface. I mean travelling the world if connected on foot would have been a bit tedious, and would have needed a new mode of transportation...
  16. Tearbender

    Legend Of Zelda - Battling Strategys

    Most of my battling strategies consist of attacking the enemy, dodging when he makes his move, and attacking him. I don't know why, but I feel sort of BA when I dodge an attack and kill the gyuy.
  17. Tearbender

    Which Zelda Game is the Most Philosophical?

    No its not a fact that's its the greatest game of all time, it's an opinion. I also fail to see how the Zelda series in any way has been philosophical. Especially with Miyamoto's mindset that gameplay is the key factor for a game which makes the Zelda series amazing. But there's no amazing story...
  18. Tearbender

    Skyward Sword Should Nintendo Have Waited a Year?

    There were scenes where I thought was deep in a sense, Fi's goodbye is one that's really sticks out and comes to mind at first hand.
  19. Tearbender

    Skyward Sword Should Nintendo Have Waited a Year?

    Really? SS many times has been said to be one of the longest Zelda games. And yes while there really wasn't much to do outside of the dungeons, none of it was straightforward like you're trying to make it seem. Most of the sidequests while some were short, there were some that were long. You're...
  20. Tearbender

    Was Skyward Sword Actually Difficult?

    agreed. The problem I had with it is just that they never really implied that it was optional and that fi was always beeping.
  21. Tearbender

    Skyward Sword & Twilight Princess: First Impressions

    Lol waggling really doesn't work. yes u can waggle ur way through the game, but ur going to end up with imprecise motion controls in SS if u do waggle
  22. Tearbender

    Was Skyward Sword Actually Difficult?

    Exploration doesn't equal linearity. SS was less linear than TP with the song of the hero quest and also collecting the triforce pieces. If u meant by more confined or not enough room to explore then I would agree. But lack of exploration doesn't equal it being linear at all. As for enemies...
  23. Tearbender

    Skyward Sword & Twilight Princess: First Impressions

    I don't know why, but for me most Zelda games I've played are pretty boring until the first dungeon. But the motion controls in SS do take some time to get used to, while I really never had a single problem with the swimming controls, the flying took some time to get used to.
  24. Tearbender

    Unexpected And Amusing

    Fighting Kolokotos in Skyward Sword. When he dropped his sword I noticed that it said to pick up, so I did and by god that was by far the best boss battle I had in a while. I felt like a badass, taking down something like Kolokotos with this own blade.
  25. Tearbender

    What Did You Think of the Shield Deteriorating in Skyward Sword?

    And how do you know that? I mean I could see why someone might not like the sacred shield replenishing, but no one knows what Nintendo's intention was. I thought it was nice to have it replenish with such a low meter. I have come close to breaking it before during my playthrough but that's just me
  26. Tearbender

    Breath of the Wild Should Zelda U Be More Like Skyrim?

    eh, I mean both series can learn a lot from each other, and I think that Zelda can benefit from having a big overworld, but like JucieJ said, make the overworld as rich as Far Cry 3.
  27. Tearbender

    What Did You Think of the Shield Deteriorating in Skyward Sword?

    I'll agree with you there. Though overall in Zelda games, I never really found any use for shields. I just hack and slash the enemy until they die. This is a good addition, one I do hope they flesh out in Zelda U(along with the magic meter).
  28. Tearbender

    Was Skyward Sword Actually Difficult?

    Personally I found it difficult. While its really easy compared to games like Alttp, it is a step up in difficulty compared to the modern Zelda games. Though I found Ocarina of time to be pretty easy.
  29. Tearbender

    Are You a Roller or a Walker?

    Walker, I mean its really slow, and after SS, its hard to get used to it, but rolling around is pretty weird. I don't really feel it
  30. Tearbender

    What Did You Think of the Shield Deteriorating in Skyward Sword?

    What did you guys think of the shield deteriorating or getting destroyed in SS? I personally thought it was pretty good, it added a bit of challenge to the series and a bit of strategy. Your thoughts?
  31. Tearbender

    How Would You Rate the Popularity of Each Zelda Game?

    I basically agree with you on everything except for a few points. WW is the most hated and divided 3D Zelda from what I've witnessed. When unveiled, the fanbase was in a uproar. Not many people like the game when it finally released as well. This game is pretty much divided in terms of who...
  32. Tearbender

    The Fable Trail

    I've played the fable games and honestly 1 was the only good game. They're destroying the franchise, and the golden trail while I don't like it, to me its not really something to complain about as its optional. For zelda following this? Hell no, u can say that it could be helpful for players...
  33. Tearbender

    Which Zelda Game Had the Best Sidequests?

    maybe I shouldn't have counted MM as part of this. Its sort of boring and the whole thread is basically MM /thread
  34. Tearbender

    Which Zelda Game Had the Best Sidequests?

    As the title states which game did you guys think had the best sidequests. For me, not counting MM(cause that's no fun) it would have to be SS
  35. Tearbender

    Would You Change Anything in the Zelda Series or Its Games?

    Mainly linearity and the overworld. Zelda games never really had that great of an overworld, well the 3D games at least.
  36. Tearbender

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U - Taking Advantage Of Multiple Control Schemes or No?

    Miyamoto said once that he is trying to make Zelda appeal to more people(still hope this isn't a bad thing), but he could be testing different control schemes. He also said that they want to use Wii motion + in Zelda U so who knows?
  37. Tearbender

    Breath of the Wild Do You Think Nintendo Could Work Harder to Release Zelda at a More Pleasable Date?

    well first they need to space things out. If they release every year or two, it starts getting stale. Plus it takes time to craft a game like Zelda. People here may think it doesn't, but it really does. Thinking of a story + villain may not take time, but sidequests, the puzzles, dungeon design...
  38. Tearbender

    Handheld Zelda Games VS. Non-Handheld Zelda Games

    This one pretty much was a tough fight between MM and SS, but MM won. I just loved the sense of dread that took over the world, 3 day mechanic was frustrating at times, but still a cool feature. The masks were awesome, and like everyone else says the NPC's were amazing. TMC was by far my...
  39. Tearbender

    Zelda Games Are Either Good or Vindicated by History

    I say that's more of the vocal minority, but its decreasing with SS. I mean MM had a lot of hate during release. WW had by far the most hate for a Zelda game. TP, well that had quite a bit of hate, being known as the butt of the franchise, and SS. This game by far has had the least amount of...
  40. Tearbender

    Was Navi or Any of the Companions Really Annoying? I Think... NO!

    Navi did annoy me, just because her "hey look listen" every time I was in a middle of a fight. God... plus when i was off wandering around not getting saria's song yet, she would always go on about going to the forest. As for Fi, she was annoying at times too. Her beeping was annoying, and being...
  41. Tearbender

    How is C.O.D Better Than LOZ

    in terms of fanbase, yea COD steals this one. I mean the Zelda fanbase has known to be pretty awful, but still COD takes it. Everything else I pretty much agree with you.
  42. Tearbender

    Post Your Zelda Scores

    well this is called your personal Zelda scores, so this is what you would give the games. Like I gave Oot a 7.5
  43. Tearbender

    Skyward Sword ZD Community Gives No Love to SS? :(

    But still, I don't get how dowsing makes the game easier by any means. Sure there were some instances where it was easy with it, but it was more of an aid than anything. It pointed u in the general direction where you were supposed to go. Like I said, they should have specified it, but it didn't...
  44. Tearbender

    Item-Based Dungeons: A Tired Concept?

    I always thought Skyward Sword really improved on this as dungeons and many areas require you to use many of your items. Not just the slingshot/bow, hookshot. But many of ur items like the whip, beetle, blower, were used well. Dungeons implemented this pretty well.
  45. Tearbender

    Skyward Sword ZD Community Gives No Love to SS? :(

    Dowsing really doesn't make the game any easier tbh. Most of the times you used dowsing, it gave u a general direction. I had to explore a bit to find kikwis, the sand ship, silent realms, but at times could be useful. Exploration at times no matter what game, it can get tedious. I thought...
  46. Tearbender

    Why All the Hate for Skyward Sword's Bokoblins?

    I just wish there weren't so many of them. But I like them, especially with the true master sword its fun beating them up XD
  47. Tearbender

    Post Your Zelda Scores

    Oot - 7.5/10 MM - 9.8/10 WW - 8.99/10 SS: 9.5/10 alttp: 9/10
  48. Tearbender

    How Would You Improve Stamina Use in the Future?

    I think it would be cool to sort of upgrade your stamina so to say like it decreases slower or it increases. Nothing too drastic, I thought stamina sort of added a element of challenge to the game and I think that sprinting without would just make you breeze through the game.
  49. Tearbender

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    I don't even... just no.
  50. Tearbender

    Skyward Sword ZD Community Gives No Love to SS? :(

    Lol I don't think you were here with WW. That game was a riot and a half with the fans. Seesh. SS was really an amazing game, and its second after MM. But yea it does have some glaring flaws like the Sky and informing you what the items are after you restart the game <.<;. As for Dowsing, I see...
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