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  1. Bladerguy2

    The Official ZD Jokes Thread

    The Chicago Bears.
  2. Bladerguy2

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I have a clay rupee, a painting of the triforce, a home made link hat, and a home made deku mask. All look pretty accurate. I don't have any official merch. Yet.
  3. Bladerguy2

    The Official ZD Jokes Thread

    I have an Ebola joke. But you probably won't get it.
  4. Bladerguy2

    The Official ZD Jokes Thread

    Ya. Better keep it that way. We shouldn't corrupt your mind. Like mine. But I can tell you once you do. They're halariois. And I spelled that wrong but I don't care.
  5. Bladerguy2

    So... How's the Weather?

    I havnt seen rain in so long. Rain makes me so happy too T.T were u at rain
  6. Bladerguy2

    Skyward sword theory.

    Ok I'm sure many of you have played skyward sword. As with any theory thread we've got spoilers. Anyway. So anyway. :P When Demise is resurrected girahim turns into his sword. Many say that girahim is demise's sword spirit. And it's very likely. This would explain why Fi and Girahim had...
  7. Bladerguy2

    Majoras mask was a DREAM

    Yes. I know game theory says he should have died but that happens all the time. Especially in boss fight chambers. And when the clip with the wierd animations shows that must be a portal. So link just didn't really fall all that way. He only fell a little out of the portal. And the fact that all...
  8. Bladerguy2

    MM-3DS Majora's Mask. Unexplained files.

    I just watched the game theory link is dead topic. It was very convincing. But I don't think link is dead. I'll make a topic (unless there is one) rather than posting it hete
  9. Bladerguy2

    MM-3DS Majora's Mask. Unexplained files.

    I didn't notice that. In gonna go look for him now. Thx
  10. Bladerguy2

    MM-3DS Majora's Mask. Unexplained files.

    Some where I read that sakon brought it. I tink. But my theory is that the ikana king ( after skull kid messed up the valley and before you did the mini boss battle with him) used it to torture his prisoners. Then link saves him and learns the song bla bla bla. Then sakon finds it abandoned in...
  11. Bladerguy2

    Mikau's Death

    Slightly off topic but. If Mikau is dead and you left termina at the end who is playing at the concert at the carnival?!?
  12. Bladerguy2

    MM-3DS Majora's Mask. Unexplained files.

    Hey guys. So by now many of us have finished majoras mask 3D. Have you ever thought about certain things. Weird occurrences in the game. Or random Easter eggs. Well this is where all that goes. And this thread will end up with many spoilers. Like ow the dead tree in the beginning is the butlers...
  13. Bladerguy2

    MM-3DS Majora's Mask Theories

    Here's a different theory topic all together. Deku butlers son. SPOILERS So if you have finished the game you would know that that tree you see in the beginning. Is deku butlers son. Creepy. But how did that tree die just sitting there. all the other transformation masks house a spirit...
  14. Bladerguy2

    MM-3DS Anyone else see this and feel like I do?

    I don't get why he microwaved THE LIMITED EDITION. It angers me so much. Couldn't he microwave a normal one T.T you can't tell after you microwave it. T.T
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