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Skyward sword theory.


Mar 7, 2015
Ok I'm sure many of you have played skyward sword. As with any theory thread we've got spoilers. Anyway.

So anyway. :P
When Demise is resurrected girahim turns into his sword. Many say that girahim is demise's sword spirit. And it's very likely. This would explain why Fi and Girahim had similar hairdos in that battle. Any one else notice that. I just wish Fi could kick butt. That really has little to be said. But this also explains girahim so set on reviving demise.

Another theory. Sky loft. Why did the goddess send the humans to the sky? They fight much better than kikwi's gorons and mogmas. The goddess knew that they could seal demise but not forever. And a being with extrodinary skill would need to beat him ultimately.

Share your theories here.


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Feb 9, 2013
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I think they were just more of a target for demise.

Yes, that's true, they were. I agree. There is a reason for that though that forgot to mention. Humans, for some strange reason (I guess it has to do with how their emotional chemistry works? I don't know.), just tend to be more vulnerable to corruption than most other kinds and species. That's why Hylia sealed them up in the sky, to protect them from corruption not just harm.

The Goddesses and the King of Red Lions were trying to do the similar kind of thing for the same exact reasons in the Adult Timeline. To protect humanity from the kind(s)/type(s) of corruption they all witnessed before like Demise's hatred and corrupt royalty.

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Your first theory, it isn't a theory its a confirmed fact Ghirahim is the spirit which resides in Demise's sword, so yes he is similar to Fi.

Second theory, Hylia sent her people to the sky just in case she couldn't stop demise, and anyway according to Demise the people of the past were weak anyway, they had no fighting spirit which is why they would cling to Hylia. She also sent them into the sky to get the Triforce away from Demise.
Jun 30, 2014
If you go over and read my thread on defining "Hylian" (which is currently just below yours), we touch upon this topic. We generally agreed that not all humans were sent to the sky-- only Hylia's "Chosen People;" this would leave the Gerudo, the Sheikah, the round-eared humans; essentially anybody who's not explicitly Hylian.

What we have is a Biblical parallel, quite possibly more than one. My first thought is of Exodus-- when God led his "Chosen People" out of Egypt-- as it only involved the Hebrews and not all humans. You can also refer to the story of Noah-- Noah, in this case, paralleling the Skyloftians, the other men the other humans, and Demise representing the Biblical concept of sin; this rings especially true if you have a broader take on Demise, as many, including myself, do.
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Dec 2, 2012
Actually, Ghirahim isn't exactly a "spirit" persé, since he is the sword itself. Like, literally. He transforms into the sword and then Demise ruthlessly swings him around in an angry rampage. Fi, on the other had, does reside inside the Master Sword. And yes, I would also like to see her kick some sweet fabulous Demon Lord hiney!

And ya, for the second one, I agree with the people above saying that the Hylians were sent to the sky to stay protected from Demise because they were so powerful. Demise had the potential power to wipe out the entire race, so it was better for Hylia to make 'em all get super high af so that they couldn't be touched.

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