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  • I'm pretty good. Getting tired because I couldn't do much today, sadly, but at least I'm able to relax. :3
    Hrmm, it's quite hard to answer this kind of question, but it's probably Guru-Guru. What about you?
    Yep, he's the man. He's probably my 3rd favorite Zelda character of all time.
    Ah, okay. That's cool, and thank you! ^^ Glad you enjoyed the videos.

    Oh, yeah? I love Bleach to death. It's by far my favorite anime and manga, as well as one of my favorite stories of all time. I know almost all the lore by heart even. :P And it's really hard (maybe because I'm only hanging out on Zelda sites, ha! :xd: ) for me to find other Bleach fans! D: You're into Bleach? That's awesome!
    I see. Anyway, you can watch videos about it on Youtube. I think it's better watching them than playing the games. lol
    Hey yotam, thanks for the friend request, I appreciate that. So, how are you doing?
    Hey, I accepted your friend request. ^^

    If I may ask, why did you add me? By that I mean, did you see one of my posts or something, or...? I'm just curious.
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