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  • I like Chinese names, they look and sound cool. I had many Chinese friends at another forum...well, that is why I thought you were one of my friends, because in that forum I met her, and she looked identical to you. She use to say I was her oni-Chan...or something like that. I don't know if she told me that meant her "big brother"...she also called me something else, which meant "The Powerful One" I just don't remember how she said it.

    I hold many dear memories from those times...too bad I can't speak to those girls now...nor the male guys that were there, we really had a blast. They came to love me too much even though I was different and not Chinese or Asian like them.

    But I am probably boring you with all this...haha. Yes, it is nice to see that not many folks here have names starting with X, it does make me feel unique and special. ^^
    I do, as much as I enjoy changing my name. Hahaha, I am not kidding. Avatars....for this forum I've had...let's see...less than twenty since I joined. I like this one...I think I am keeping it. I was looking for a Knight picture to represent Rad, but I found nothing good, so I came up with the girl and liked it. I chopped it and made it an avy. XD

    As to name changes just two and this is my last one really. My first name was Tetra, after my favorite WW character. My second was Radamanthys, but you did see that one. And now Xeldimus, after my gamertag. People like this last one, so do I.

    I just realized that you and I own the only forum names that start with an X btw. ^^
    Um, thanks for joining my club lol. I hope to get it going sometime soon...too many projects atm. XD
    EnemyTracker says you look like his sister. I wonder if she's young too.
    Anyway, just dropped to say hi, haven't really welcomed you or anything...so...Welcome to ZD, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Keep up the good work--Art. ^^
    Hey, just want to say that your artworks is great............. I like them all..............
    You're welcome! ^^

    Yes I was. Just a few days ago. Thanks! It came as a bit of a surprise actually. Was just hanging out and was sent a message "Hey, you interested in being a mod?". :xd:
    I too wanted to say that that art is great, particularly Tetra. (Zelda looks a tiny bit quirky and I'm not sure why) Great pose and the arm holding the sword looks completely natural. :)
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, Xinnamin! Have fun, but don't forget to read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member! See you around!
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