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  • You sent a friend request.

    I don't know you so I rejected it, but feel free to talk with me. :)
    i am glad that you are fine!
    you are going to to log off?ok bye^^
    hi man
    thanks for the friend request
    how are you?^^
    You're on ZD too??? Really? Just Kidding. I'm on every website you are probably.
    yeah I've joined i'll probably go on it tomorrow, ill stick to zelda dungeon today:)
    yeah you've gotta get other members to give you rep, ask some of your friends, i can't give you any more because it says i gotta spread some more around before i can give it back to you again

    and if you think it was unfair tell a mod
    yeah i had that done to me i i had a skull under my name the only way that you can get a heart again is to get back up your rep points just comment on a bunch of stuff and get your rep back up into the hearts, you could always tell a Moderator about it if you think that it was unfair
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