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    Non-Staff Positions

    Hylian Knight - Hylian Knights serve as role models to the community. Before being considered to be a Hylian Knight, certain criteria must be reached regarding the duration of your time at the forum, your post count, your activity level, your quality of posts, and how you handle yourself at the forum. Hylian Knight nominations/elections are handled in a Democratic fashion: current Knight's get to nominate, discuss, and vote upon the members that are deserving of the rankings. As a Hylian Knight, members are expected to keep with the criteria that caused them to become a Hylian Knight, as well as retain an acceptable activity level at the forum.

    Hylian Noble - Hylian Nobles serve as the Hall of Fame members of the community. The criteria to become a Hylian Noble is very strict, and it is quite rare for a member to become a Noble. This ranking is often times reserved for members who have made long-standing contributions to the forum as a member, and in some cases as a forum staff member. While Nobles are not perfect members, they are held at the highest regard and are expected to hold strong the integrity of the forum. Once a member becomes a Noble, there is no strict activity requirements to remain a Noble. Rather, Noble requirements are usually lifetime appointments, with the only exceptions being if they completely leave the community for a very extended period of time, or if an action is made that is outside the character of what a Noble is defined as.
    I've only ever read manga online, so maybe I have the same problem as you with that. I bet I'd enjoy it more with the actual book.
    Yeah I don't know why but every time I try to start reading it i end up getting bored:(. You could always just read it online. Just search soul eater manga and you should be set.
    Yeah I thought the ending was pretty good. In the manga apparently things were different, and they continued past the Kishin. To bad I'm not really a big fan of manga.
    Yeah, it's Masaomi Kida from Durarara!!. By the way, I love your Happy avatar. So cuuuuuuute ^^
    I just wanted to inform you that your avatar is absolutely positively adorable! <3
    I actually haven't finished the series lol. I'm very close to, but lately i haven't really been watching it a lot.
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