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  • In a sense, I'm in two. We used to be one band, we were just 4 friends who all liked the same music. Well one of us didn't really like the direction we were going (we were very structured, and he wanted things to be a little more free-form), so he decided to leave. Well, he asked me to join him in his musicalness, so now I'm in two bands.

    The original band has yet to be named, but we have a concept for an album and quite a few songs, just nothing recorded yet (we're only 14, after all).
    The other band has been named Tish (not sure where the name came from). We have a concept and artwork for an album, and one song recorded. Other than that, we're just working on general ideas.

    So, I'm pretty confident as a music listener, but as a musical artist, I'm just confused. :P
    And the barcode had to on Undertow. If you've ever seen the insert booklet on the CD... it's pretty bad. I only looked at it once, and I haven't opened the booklet since.
    72826 was their demo album they made before Opiate. It's extremely rare--that's why I don't own it. XD

    I've been listening to Tool for little under a year now... I started listening to them because I'm a hardcore Chevelle fan, and a lot of people said they sounded like Tool. They were wrong (they sound nothing alike), but I'm so glad they were wrong... Tool are soo much better than Chevelle. Tool is the band that really got me into progreasive stuff like Radiohead, and have really shaped me as a music listener and a musician.
    I guess I need to listen to Mer De Noms now... haha.
    You play guitar too? That's cool.
    I don't really mind what you could've listened to at 14... I mean, if you like Tool, it doesn't really matter. I was raised listening to awesome music. At 3, my favorite band was Blink-182 (don't really like them anymore, but they're better than what most people listened to at 3) and had seen them live twice.
    And thank you for the commendation. How old are you? That is, if you don't mind me asking...
    Haha, that's awesome! You've actually listened to 72826, correct?
    I haven't heard all of APC's songs, only Thirteenth Step. The only one of those songs I didn't like was the Nurse Who Loved Me, but that was a cover of another song, so I can't really dislike it that much. And no, I don't know which song you're talking about... which one is it?
    You've seen them live!? Whoa! I've been meaning to, but they never come near me. I've got them on my list of people I need to see live before I die. Puscifer's cool as well. As for A Perfect Circle, I think they're still a band, they just haven't put anything out in a long while. My favorite Tool songs are: The Grudge (just an overall amazing example of Tool), Ticks & Leeches (drums on this = insane, plus Maynard's screams make it all worth the while), Stinkfist (great song), H. (amazing song, and very emotional as well), Lateralus (a complete epic), Hush (kind-of cool in-your-face sort of 'screw you' song), Sober (everybody loves it), Crawl Away (great song), The Pot (this song is just perfect), and, well, most of their songs. :P
    My favorite Tool album is definitely Lateralus, closely followed by Ænima, that by 10,000 Days, that by Undertow, that by Opiate, and that by 72826.
    10/10 since u made a comeback AND u like Tool :)
    I'll assume that, since you acknowledged the fact that I like Tool, you like Tool as well?
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