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  • Unfortunately I was a Townie and still made myself suspicious. :xd: But I was initially trying to fit my character description ("smooth and elegant") which didn't help me any early on. It's fine, though. I had fun and that's the most important part I'll take from it. Good luck to you!
    Hey man, I was only kidding about not liking the Ballad of the Goddess. I added ":right:" to let you know, but I guess it didn't catch on. Really, the music in Skyward Sword and pretty much everything about that game is amazing.
    Letting you know, the image in your sig is a little bit too tall. You need to shrink it down some to comply with the rules
    Welcome to ZD! ;) Have fun and read the rules!

    I will join your MK Wii tournament. I consider it the weakest installment in the series but it's still a great game!
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