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    Happy Belated birthday! Logged back in for the first time in a decade, the name looked...

    Happy Belated birthday! Logged back in for the first time in a decade, the name looked familiar and the forum memories flooded back! 10 years later but excited for TOTK's release tonight!
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    Mafia Game and Mod Queue

    Hello, I wish to moderate my own game of Mafia. I believe that i have gained extensive knowledge of the game, via previous forums and this forum, and I can make mafia even better, with addition of some characters not normally used in typical mafia games. Now I know it may seem as if I have...
  3. TheMasterSword

    Comic Thread (New 52, Marvel, Etc.)

    Red Sun in general is phenomenal. Red Sun superman's suit is pretty great, and the story is an interesting take on superman lore
  4. TheMasterSword

    Breath of the Wild Which Timeline?

    Well, my hopes are a bit drastic when you look at the evidence, but I really want the game to be based, at least graphically, on the Wii U Tech demo. If this is the case, I want it to be after Twilight Princess. I feel that if it was a sequel to Majora's Mask, it wouldn't be as unique. I want an...
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    Comic Thread (New 52, Marvel, Etc.)

    Post series you follow, weekly pickups, and any theories you may have with upcoming story arcs! I'm currently following: Nightwing Batman Batgirl Damian:Son of Batman Red Hood and the Outlaws Batwing Superman: Unchained Batman Beyond Universe Since Nightwing is my favorite character...
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    Killing Off Characters

    Killing of characters should be accepted, unless it's done half heartedly. Killing off a character often times is great for a series, and adds more to the love towards the series. For example, in the anime series Trigun, Trigun utilized the character killoff perfectly, and it was great. On the...
  7. TheMasterSword

    What is Your Favorite Super Move?

    Injustice's super moves are great, however one by far surpasses the rest. That's Doomsday's. I mean, it's almost a 100 hit combo, and he punches you through the earth and back. Can't get more badass then that.
  8. TheMasterSword

    What Are Your Favorite Sports?

    Baseball is best sport. I also watch football, and whatever interest me. Except basketball. I cant stand that.
  9. TheMasterSword

    Does Anyone Want to Trade Keys with Me?

    Guys, I want Regiice and the white forest, but It says I need to trade keys. Anyone know how to do that or who wants to do it with me?
  10. TheMasterSword

    Anyone Wanna Trade a Meloetta to Me?

    Try this method: How & Where to catch/get - *LEGIT* Meloetta in Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2 - YouTube
  11. TheMasterSword

    How Do I Know if Lucario Has STAB?

    Thank you! You can close this thread now mods :)
  12. TheMasterSword

    How Do I Know if Lucario Has STAB?

    I heard that if you get Aura Spehre for lucario, he gets STAB. Well, i have the move, but how do I know if he has the STAB effect or not?
  13. TheMasterSword

    MAFIA XIV: Resident Evil 4

    Sincerest apologies for being a late breaker. I've been watching slowly and catching up, and thus far the only person I find truly suspicious and vote worthy is Mido. EBWOD: I am not voting Mido, im just saying he is the only candidate i find thus far. More to come
  14. TheMasterSword

    Mafia D: The Sith Lords

    Sorry guys, Baseball practice's are gpoing long now since our pitchers don't know how to freaking pitch. However i've read through it constantly, so I've seen whats been going on. I'll refrain from voting for now, however i have a good idea of whom to vote for and I just need to find enough evidence
  15. TheMasterSword

    Mafia D: The Sith Lords

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