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    I was thinking that Alota could be a member of the Moon Tribe. Each one had a specific power source, Alota's obviously being flora and nature. Her necklace holds her power, and she seeks to find the other members. Maybe ur character could be a member too, but he doesn't know it until later.
    Woah bro, just sticking with the plot. You won't be possessed that long. Liam or me can just slash you and your free.
    I had a freaking idea planned out when you come out with your own. It would be interesting, too. Alota wasn't going to be completely human. Hmph.
    Ya know, you could still play the WW. Just get a memory card, the game, and a Gamecube controller. The Wii lets you play Wii games as well as gamecube games.:)
    3DS, DSI XL, Wii, PS2, and Gameboy Advanced. The only game I have no acess to is Wind Waker so yeah. Thanks for trying. Hey, check your private messages I sent ya something.
    Hey, SuperSwell? I just wanted to know what game systems you have. I want to recommend some Zelda games, so that you get the best ones(in my opinion) and not the ones that aren't so good.
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