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  • I have no idea. Probably though. If you can find any of the Young Bond books, The Fear is probably available, since Charlie Higson wrote those, too.
    It was strange once I saw the new forum layout and it had both Zelda Dungeon and Pokemon Dungeon at the top
    Yeah, Pokemon Dungeon and Zelda Dungeon been merged because of Hero of Music (David) is fixing that,or thats what I heard
    Really? Last time I check it wasn't I just saw Avatars and Signatures. Yeah, they made a new section in the Article Section for the Zelda Articles and the Pokemon Articles.
    No, its in the Signature and Avatar section, well I been writing for my fan fic, and just been searching around the forums
    I actually got the idea from a bioethics discussion I attended a week or so ago at my school. The trolley problem itself is really old, and the twist with the doctor I'm sure isn't original either, so maybe the bioethics guy leading the discussion got it from somewhere else.
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