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The Silence
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  • Maybe. But look what happenned last time. They technically killed Rory; frist time he sacrificed himself for a guy who was practicaly a stranger, then waited 2000 years, then got brought back.....was that even the originials mind or was it a clone? Then they just had Amy remember the Doctor. And since he was erased form existence, all she brought back was the doctor she remembered, so that's like, his whole history down the drain. I wouldn't put it past moffat to just use the clone Doctor.
    Hey. Name's form doctor who, huh? Y'know, I bet they're going to cheap out on the season finale with that flesh clone..
    Welcome to ZD! And a bit of friendly advice: watch your words around this guy...you never know how he might use them. :P
    Oh! Hello there! Oh wait...who was I just talking to? Oh! Hello there! Wait. What just happened?
    Oh! Hello-...deja vu...

    Anyway, welcome to the ZD forums. :P
    I see you're new here! Meego beat me to it, but still... Welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any other members!
    IT'S THE SILENCE! Wait what? *Turns around* It's the silence! Wait what?

    Lol, welcome to ZD :P
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