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  • I see, well that's most good then I suppose, nice to know you're still doing well and everything. As for me, could be better and could be worse, but overall I'm doing well enough.
    lol, yea. My sister is the opposite book. whenever she sees a movie based off a book she will never read the book because she doden't want to think the book is better than the movie :P
    I love Sailor Moon. I'm new to anime so I just started watching random ones and I can' stop watching Sailor Moon :P
    Well, that whole mechanic is mostly for multi-player games and for playing when someone wants to watch T.V...multi-player games because player one uses the gamepad and looks at the screen it has, while other players use Wii remotes and look at the T.V, and the whole when someone wants to watch T.V is easily put together. You are right about the whole can't say much until you try it part though, that's a common saying, heheh.
    Oh, I found it quite comfortable, came here on the Wii U last night actually...can have multiple tabs open and everything, I like it. But, that's just me, if you don't wanna get on then that's your choice.
    I see, well that's good enough then I guess, good to hear that. I've been alright myself, got a Wii U now, haven't played it much but can easily say it's pretty cool.
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