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  • Hey SB! Sorry I am replying to you super late. I did see this when you posted it and was like "oh ok, I'll answer this later." Right...then I forgot. Whoops~ :sweat:

    And thanks, yeah I see it was a compliment~ ^^ I didn't think it was sarcasm but I had to make sure. Mostly because if it had been sarcasm and had I replied with a sincere "Thank You! ^_^" in response, then that would have made me a fool...

    And wait, is that a saying? xD I don't think I've actually heard that one before....hmm~ :hmm:
    I actually think I would really like it, I love conveluted plots that make your head spin (eg Inception) so I think i'll check it out and tell you what I think.
    I've seen District 9 and it was AMAZING. One of the best movies I've ever seen. What's Blade Runner about?
    XD He DID steal my idea, but I forgive him. ..and you might be right; that guy's immune to it or something.
    I agree about most lyrics like modern pop music and death metal and such. Iron Maiden on the other hand does not sing about drugs, women, or violence ( infact they have never done drugs), they sing about books, poems, dreams, and movies.
    Hey how many good and bad reputations do you have so I can tell how many I may need to get another heart
    Okay and I have one more question how many reputations do you have to have to get another heart container
    I used to listen to a lot of orchestra and movie soundtracks until about two years ago then I started listening to Iron Maiden. Also the song was by Ennio Morricone one of my favorites (he did the Clint Eastwood's Man with no name music)
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