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  • I saw that you visited my profile page.

    So, what is this title that you have for me, and how do I use it?
    Hey Sink...this might sound like a really random and late thing to come onto your profile and say all of a sudden, but I just really appreciate how nice you were when I told you that I'm not the best with internet sarcasm. A lot of people would not say something very nice about it...anyways, thanks. I just really appreciate it a lot.
    Lolz about the avy thing. Anyway, it's getting quite hard to post here now. I just guess that the population of Zelda Dungeon is always changing, and now just happens to be a period in time dominated by sometimes meaningless threads. I guess we really go through phases, like the SB crowd. Since I returned to ZD two weeks ago, the SB population has completely changed and everyone I used to know has become partially inactive.
    :yes: lol That sentence was epic... Yeah, to be honest, I was not that excited about this year's E3 and I've not been for the past few years myself... ...and we're pretty much in the same boat in regards to not getting too excited about much of anything at all. I hate to get too excited about stuff, because I almost always end up disappointed (not to say SS will be disappointing or anything). I don't know why really, but I assure you, it's not about hype; I just gravitate to the Skyward Sword section for some odd reason. I have trouble with similar things in real life...as well. XD
    Yeah, I don't really post much elsewhere. It's mostly because I don't have OoT3D yet, and that seems to be all the Ocarina of Time section is talking about. I admit I need to explore the other sections and stuff, though. lol But, I really like the SS section.
    Yeah. I pass the time there when I'm writing a post or thread. It takes a long time to write everything and find pictures to accompany it. You see, I really like to make my posts as elaborate as possible. Visual aids really help get the point across.
    I suppose. I hope to see you around the forum outside of forum games. ZD can be a really neat place for discussion, and, as you already know, everyone here is really nice.
    Essentially. The one great thing that came from the Bomby Factor was a sudden spike in good posting, making for a very productive forum. But that was back in mid-September or October.
    I'm very comfortable speaking of these things, actually. It's nice to reminisce about things both good and bad.
    Eh, he was pretty awesome and contributed a lot to the site. But mostly, he's known for rage-quitting and leaving hateful goodbye threads. Still, lots of people think there are more positives than negatives about him.
    No, it's an old group of members that vowed to post well. Lots of people quit, though (myself included) because the group was named after such a bad influence. After all, it was Kybyrian that formed the group, not Dabombster.
    I think your posts are good, actually. I have to admit, though, the posting quality at ZD has seen better days (namely, after the formation of the Bomby Factor).
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