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  • Yeah, busy playing games. School's pretty easy over here as well. It's about the middle of Spring Break, so it's all good.
    Sorry for the late reply, my internet is just awful. lol

    Anyway, sure, you can add me if you'd like. Just click the Skype message thingy on here or find me on Skype as "wolfsage..." (be sure to include the "...")
    Ah. lol At first i had no idea what you were referring to and I'm sure it confused other as well. Next time I'll be sure to join in, though... lol

    Hey, do you have Skype?
    Oh. I kind of forgot about those. lol

    So those were feats of Chuck Norris that you were mentioning in the chatbox? lol
    Ah, sorry for calling you a stalker when we first met. :sweat:

    Bio, nice. :yes: Not my sweet tooth, however, some topics such as photosynthesis and its opposite, cellular respiration as well as food chains and genetics greatly interest.

    I assume you're more of a humanities person, eh?
    I see you're a hard one to penetrate, SinkingBadges. :xd:

    I'm a Renaissance man taking interest in all fields ;), however, my greatest love would have to be for mathematics (any kind) with World and European History as well as quantitative sciences such as chemistry and physics vying for second. I'm interesting in pursuing a major in biology or chemistry for premedicine when I start my college studies in too soon for me not to be nervous. :yes:
    It's been awhile, SinkingBadges. Our conversation on the Shoutbox on Friday reignited my stalkerish interest in you. What are your interests, bud buddy?
    You're welcome! Nice to meet you as well. :D
    Hello! I sent you a friend request. :)
    No problem. I've been meaning to do it, but then I get distracted by good looking threads. ;)
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