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  • Haha, well, yeah, thanks xD
    That really did clear things up xD

    And yeah, I agree with you.

    Haha, you're welcome ^^
    And thanks ^^

    But yeah, I do not believe in any religion, nor do I believe there is any such higher power, (I need solid proof before I blindly believe such silly tales), but I celebrate Christmas because I was raised that way, AND because it's a time for friends and family, and well, of course, PRESENTS xD

    But yeah, If I was ever in a situation where people celebrated other things, I would join in regardless of what god/Buddha/sea-demon/giant-noodle/etc that they claim is the reason for the holiday....
    I honestly don't care. Holidays are for family and getting closer to people and sharing happiness.
    Sink, I'm here to announce you lurk to much. Post more and participate in SB conversations!

    Anyhow, how are things on your end?
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