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  • Hey, um sorry, but you'll have to get someone else to make you a signature. My laptop won't cooperate, and i'm overloaded with work.
    Try and ask Ms. Josie Waffles for one.
    Aw, thankies! X3 Yeah, i'm pretty good, but you should see Xinnamin's artwork. She's a God when it comes to that stuff. When i'm able the get my tablet, i'll post my artwork, even if it looks kinda odd.
    Ha ha, no actually. I don't get it that often, not at all actually. Thanks for taking a look!
    OMG I love your spoilers and I really like your second one that made me laugh to death and I would be one of the %4 people to watch but Hello
    Welcome to ZD, you may want to make an Intro Thread before you start posting.

    Your Fav LoZ game/games, Fav BGM/BGMs, and Fav Dungeon in those games?, Fav MM mask exclude the Deku, Goron, and Zora Mask?, and your Triforce wish?

    Mine are OoT (Gerudo Valley)(Spirit) MM(Stone Tower and Deku Palace)(Stone Tower) TP(Hidden Skill and Village, Hyrule Field,)(Arbiter’s Grounds) AlttP(Sanctuary and Hyrule Castle)(I just loved all the dungeons I can’t choose just 1)
    Stone Mask love killing Takkuri for money.
    World Peace(like no wars peace.)

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