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  1. sigurd

    Link To The Past 3ds Eshop

    ya i think they will make becuase everyone loves that game its a zelda classic
  2. sigurd

    Is Nintendo Spoiling Too Much?

    You go to the store to get the game then you come home open the game and put it in the wii and you already know the first 15 mins so its more fun to play a game you dont now anything about except that its from your favorite game series than it is to play a game you haved watch hundreds of hours...
  3. sigurd

    Random Poll: Most Annoying Assisting Character

    I could not agree more but midna is almost the same way
  4. sigurd

    Make Your Own Zelda Flipnote Contest Winners

    wow those were amazing i couldnt do anything like those i wish i could
  5. sigurd

    Funny Legend of Zelda/Back to the Future Timeline Theory!

    good video but this belongs in media and theres been some treads of this recently
  6. sigurd

    What if Link Didnt Wear a Tunic.

    he would not look like peter pan or robin hood any more i would like to see him in knights armor
  7. sigurd

    Which Zelda Instrument?

    this is a hard thing to answer but i have to go with ocarina mainly becuase i can play all the songs and i love them all there all there all very well made
  8. sigurd

    Returning to Religious References?

    I would like to keep all that stuff out and just have a story line without that stuff I have friends who arent aloud to play Zelda due to this kinda stuff
  9. sigurd

    Favorite Sword and Shield

    Srry if theres a thread like this Whats your favorite sword and sheild from the zelda series master sword from TP and hylian sheild from TP
  10. sigurd

    All Zelda Games Ever

    wow amazing job that was awesome i didnt know 25% of those games
  11. sigurd

    Upgrade System

    Is the new upgrade system in skyward sword a great idea or a bad one and do you think you will upgrade weapons whats your opinion
  12. sigurd

    WW-Wii U What Would Make WW Better

    i could not agree more id like to see a handheld remake off sorts and beable to speed up the wind so faster sailing time I think the wind waker was a very atmospheric game in general, with one of the best soundtracks in the series. It was done a great disservice by these things I mentioned...
  13. sigurd

    Have You Pre-ordered SS?

    my birthday is 3 day before it comes out so ill preorder it then i hope there will be enough copies then
  14. sigurd

    WW-Wii U What Would Make WW Better

    What would make The Wind Waker better in your opinion shorter sailing, more teleport spots, etc.
  15. sigurd

    The Cutest Zelda

    um i think twilight princess was cute and wind wakers
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