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  • Yeah the motion controls do help a lot, especially with the knife, not having to get it ready before swinging it. I remember being awful at it my first time on GameCube. My accuracy was so bad I ended up wasting most of my ammo.
    Ah, that sucks D: My Dad just had two guitar strings break on his acoustic, he can't get new ones yet, no money to do so.. I hope you find a way to get it fixed inexpensively :) I've seen how much amps cost, even for a small one.. o_O
    I find I can easily stay away from the drama. But I designed my cover on the new page as I am just learning how to use Photoshop :)
    Lucozade is dead nice, haven't had it in years though.
    But yeah, I'll definitely be watching more of them. I used to think about doing challenges like knife only runs but then I'd find a shotgun and think 'Well, it will come in handy' and the whole challenge just ends there.
    Wow, lmao. I don't blame you, it is a fantastic game :D
    I watched some of those Nathan and Nouge videos, by the way. Seeing them try to fight the alligator on RE2 with only a knife for two hours was far more exciting than it sounds :)
    I've never really played anything except Mario and Zelda... lol. I was a diehard Mario fan for a long time and would hardly deviate from the series until I tried Zelda one day out of boredom, now I'm hooked. Hehe. I'm a very picky lady.
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