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  1. shogun_zidane

    Which Will Be Your Starter?

    Chespin so when I get charmander I will be set
  2. shogun_zidane

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Chrono Cross, RAGE, Skyrim again for like the 4th time, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Brutal Legend and some poker game for my mom.
  3. shogun_zidane

    General Zelda What Music from Any Zelda Game is Your Favorite?

    Song of Healing, Song of Storms, Stone Tower Temple or Gerudo Valley.
  4. shogun_zidane

    What Do You Get when You Guzzle Down Sweets

    A massive sugar high followed by a headache.
  5. shogun_zidane

    Which GameCube Games Would You Most Like to See Remade in HD?

    Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem and Twilight Princess. :p
  6. shogun_zidane

    Favorite Ways to Unwind in a Zelda Game

    In Skyward Sword I like to base jump from Beetle's Island to the little island to the west and land into the little pool of water. I can literally do it for like 20 minutes straight. XD
  7. shogun_zidane

    Skyward Sword How Useful Did You Find the Skyward Strike to Be During Combat?

    I found it pretty useful especially in hero mode even though I am only at the sandship. (on hero mode)
  8. shogun_zidane

    Coolest Boss Music?

    Blizzetta's theme.
  9. shogun_zidane

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Xenoblade Chronicles, and it totally exceeds my expectations. Probably going to be a long journey but I will see it through.
  10. shogun_zidane

    Favorite Clothes

    I dress in three completely different ways. When I am at home I just wear basketball shorts and any t shirt that is clean. When I am out and about I either wear fitted pant and polo/dress shirts with my hair in a ponytail or I go polar opposite and wear tighter or skinny jeans with sleeveless...
  11. shogun_zidane

    Ever Goofed Around when You're Alone in an Elevator?

    Yes I sing "I believe i can fly"... lol a cookie for whom ever gets that reference.
  12. shogun_zidane

    Resident Evil 4 - Review

    I totally agree that it is great game, I actually just finished the wii version along with seperate ways last night and had a blast. I have officially beaten every version of the game. GC, PS2,3, PC, 360 and wii. I think there is a mobile version too. Great game. I also think that it is way...
  13. shogun_zidane

    What`s Your Favorite Video Game Series?

    Besides Zelda? Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Hard choice.
  14. shogun_zidane

    Which Do You Prefer, Villians to Be Mysterious or Have Some Sort of Backstory?

    So I got back in to my survival horror roots and have been playing Silent Hill and Resident Evil and I thought to myself, "wow pyramid head is terrifying". He just pops in at random and you have no idea who or what he is. Nemesis on the other hand has a little backstory, you know he is a Tyrant...
  15. shogun_zidane

    Main Characters You Hate in Games You Love

    Hate me for saying this but I could not stand Wander from Shadow of the Colossus he just seemed to girly for what he was doing. Maybe it was the way he swayed his arms while running. lol
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