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  • Wy Wood i tlk leik dis? it jst lks stoopid. Translation: Why would I talk like this? It just looks stupid! People who type like that=:facepalm:
    I dunno. It's kind of a natural gag though, since half the aesthetics of the moon is it's creepy face. Putting a smiley on it seems pretty natural. :xd:
    Ha,ha,after that joke with the Vending Machine game,I don't think you'll add me to your friends...lolololololol
    Hi! Want to be my friend ? Stupid me,I mean do you want to add me to your friends?
    Looks awesome. Sorry about the size thing(I had a tendency of making sigs to big, but I've fixed that). If you ever need another sig, you know where to post.
    Your banner is finished. Check it out. I haven't done too much because it is created by RP. I resized it and I added some swirls
    Hey! I need your current siggy to be able to work on your request. Can you post your current siggy (the one that was too big) on my page or do you want me to make you a complete new siggy with Sheik on it and the things you requested? Let me know asap!!
    Hey SheikahWarrior hey bro you should add me were going to have a great time on Zelda Dungoen Forems!!
    No you are not! You are not ********, and don't let anyone tell you different.
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