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  • EH! How come you are cheating in your own game? And you let everyone cheat? Go read my posts in the Zelda Races Game as soon as possible. There are a lot of thngs that doesn't seem to work.
    Well,I was thinking...............Since Epwna isn't active at the Zelda Races game....Can I be the leader of the Zora?:zora:
    Lol, I just threw something together for now, so I'll probably change it... but I'm glad it's okay :3
    But haha, no you didn't have to, did you? (And that quote on your avatar, it's one of my favourites... though I love all Shiek's quotes XD)
    Oh cool, you're even more north than me here in Lancashire! XD
    But I know, it does get pretty annoying... damn timezones. The amount of times I've had someone from America say "good morning" to me and I'm just about to go to bed, and then it's always nearly dead when I log in during the day :c Oh well, at least it means things like E3 or other America-based gaming events won't really clash with our school/work though, and we could watch them in peace!
    Anyway, I hope you've have a good night~
    Yeah, thanks for the gift. I got over the silly joke, but I'm still kind of upset that my bf broke up with me. But then again, there's always more fish in the sea...
    Hey~ How are you?
    It's nice to meet another member from the UK... *highfive*I was wondering which part you live in, I'm up North near Blackpool and Manchester myself (Hence my name XD)
    Anyways, have a good day (or more appropriately, evening) and I hope you manage to sort out that memory card... it'll be worth the hassle in the end though just to play WW :D
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