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  1. sailormars109

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Zeldathon starts today at 4!!!! :)
  2. sailormars109

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    My grandma died a little over an hour ago. Just another reason for me to hate the month of May with a passion.
  3. sailormars109

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Jess and I were practicing for the talent show on Thursday and we decided to take a break. She put on a One Direction song and started dancing to it. Well, one of the kids from band had came into the room and stuck his face in the window to the room we were in. She jumped up, screamed and fell...
  4. sailormars109

    General Art One Little Argument

    Why is it that good conversations tend to start with some form of argument? No one in their right mind who intend for it to be that way. Honestly, arguing over something stupid is just a waste of time. Why doesn't anyone just jump into a conversation and just state the good part of the...
  5. sailormars109

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I shouldn't miss this guy. I should hate him and want him to die. But I don't. Instead, I still love him. I still love him even though he believes someone else instead of me. I want to talk to him and only him and no one else. Instead, when I tried in the past, he acts like a total jerk and goes...
  6. sailormars109

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    On this day, 17 years ago, my father died of lymphoma.
  7. sailormars109

    Video Game Character Outfits You Think Are Great. :)

    Midna's true form in Twilight Princess.
  8. sailormars109

    If You Had Two Wishes...

    Let's say you had two wishes. One would be something impossible that you wish would happen, and the other would be something realistic. What would you wish for? Personally, my impossible wish would be that the Holocaust never happened. My realistic wish would be that I would go on tour...
  9. sailormars109

    How Often Do You Use Your Pockets?

    I die without pockets. I use them daily for my phone and headphones.
  10. sailormars109

    General Art Always Here By Your Side

    Hey guys! I can't sleep and I felt a nice work of art coming on so I decided to post one of my late-night-I'm-such-an-insomniac songs. Enjoy! :D What is there left to say? Contradicted feelings, It all cancels out. But will it fight until the end? Fight for what we once had, Or...
  11. sailormars109

    Do You Play an Instrument? What Kind?

    I play flute, piccolo, tenor sax, piano (I taught myself when I was 6.) and I sing.
  12. sailormars109

    Which Disney Movies Do You Think Have the Best Songs?

    The old ones like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  13. sailormars109

    Spoiler What Is Your Least Favorite Part of Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    My favorite game is Twilight Princess. My least favorite part about the game is how long, slow, and boring the beginning of the game is. In my opinion, it doesn't really start to speed up until you get to the Eldin Twilight.
  14. sailormars109

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I was very annoyed with one of the girls in my flute section. I had to try my hardest not to start yelling at her.
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