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  • I think we should do one game at a time... so the second option. :yes: Oh, and I can come over... tell your mom that.
    Hey RL. Oh, before I forget, I CAN come over this weekend; your mom called and asked my mom if I could come over... so yeah. :yes:

    And dude, I have an idea. Over Christmas Break, assuming I have enough money to buy the CaptureCard, I should come over and we can record like, maybe two hours of SS gameplay, then use my laptop to record the audio, and then split the GIANT video into smaller videos so we can post one like every other day... or something like that. :yes:
    Yeah, and I wouldn't know where to get a CaptureCard for either handheld. Lol. Unless we ordered one/both online.
    Do they even have CaptureCards for PSP and DS (I'm sure that a regular DS Capture Card would work with the 3DS. Just no 3D Videos. XD)
    I got it. I'll record the audio in a few minutes. Also, I'm just gonna have an image showing, and said image will be this:

    Also, at the end of our playthoughs, I thought we could do something like this:

    Just have an image in the background to correspond to the playthough... (Don't worry, I made a template so we can easily make new backgrounds)
    Yes, although I'll be buying it myself with the money/Gift Cards I get for Christmas. :yes: I'll be sure to mention that when I record the audio. What else do you want me to say?
    Meh, lots of SS. :lol: hey, is it alright if I post an update vid to our YouTube? It's been a month since our last video, and Linkanon left a comment asking when our next video will be... I wanna do an update so people who care know what's going on. :yes:
    I'm so dumb... I beat Skyward Sword, and it asked if I wanted to start Hero Mode. I assumed it would be like Wind Waker and save to a new slot... but no, it overwrote my original save! So I have Hero Mode, but not my other file! :cry:
    Wow... just, wow. I'm only in the sandship... :xd: and I just started it like, 10 minutes ago. I'mma wait til my mom and dad go to bed and then play (the Wii's in my room)
    I'm currently in the Lanayru Sand Sea... :yes: I beat the Ancient Cistern earlier... but my friggin' mo made me turn off the Wii at 9:30... :dry:
    I got the Wii back, I just got the harp, and I met the Kikwi hermit and I'm almost to Lake Floria; my mom made me turn off the Wii...

    ... cool. :yes:
    Wow dude, my mom went all psycho and, after I turned off the Wii, she grabbed it, took out the Flash Drive and the Memory Card, and just ripped it out of the wall, plugs and all... :xd:

    ... so I can't SS again till tomorrow... -.- And God bro, slow down a little...
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