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    Yes, but the sword does become over-powered eventually and that's really the only thing that ruined the swordplay for me; I didn't use the shield unless it was for deflecting the Octorok's attacks or if I was blocking against some other enemy. The sword is really awesome to use, but Nintendo...
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    Yeah, probably. Games have always had this problem where one item is way too over-powered and people complain about it all the time. This isn't the only over-powered item in SS either, look at Link's sword, in the beginning it took three hits to kill a Golden Deku Baba, then after the first...
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    Dude, all I said was don't use the shield, seriously, why are you getting so defensive? You barely need to use the shield bash anyway, the only enemy where it's necessary to use is the Octorok. If your using it to the point where it gets abusive and your upset about things being too easy, don't...
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    Wow, they give you the option to not have a shield equipped, if you have a problem with the shield, don't use it. It doesn't do anything to ruin the swordplay, it just helps less experienced players that are having trouble with certain enemies. Again, you don't like it, don't use it. It's that...
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    Spoiler Do You Think They Went a Little Bit Too Far?

    I thought they were awesome. The music that played when you were being chased by the guardians was great and really set the mood to make it feel like something was around every corner and if you stopped you wouldn't survive. I personally loved them because they were unique and special.
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    Harp Playing During The Credits

    I literally just beat the game a few minutes ago and just discovered this during the credits (I paused the Wii so I actually haven't finished them yet because I ran over to my laptop to make this thread :xd:). I was messing around with the buttons and at one point I had heard notes from the...
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    How Are So Many People Finishing Skyward Sword So Fast?

    I would have been finishing the game three days after release, but I stopped after realizing, "This is a Zelda game... why the hell am I rushing through it?" So instead of going straight to the portal that warps you to Demise, I went back through the Gate of Time and tried to 100% the game...
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    Spoiler Monster's Inc/Sandship/What?

    I thought the design of this particular boss was disappointing... I mean there you are, running for your life, hacking at tentacles, trying to make your way up the ship so you don't drown, and the boss looks like something only a four-year-old would be intimidated by... "What the hell?" Was my...
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    Harp-Worst Instrument Ever?

    The controls for the harp really weren't that bad. However, I didn't like the fact that it was barely used, and that, like Axle said, you can't replay songs you've already learned. I think that if Nintendo had added more uses for the harp other than opening the Silent Realms, activating Gossip...
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    About Skyward Sword Side Quests

    I do them along the way, at the end it makes you feel rushed because the final boss is just around the corner, and here you are stuck doing side-quests because you want to 100% the game.
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    How to Pronounce Fi

    I say Fee, but I honestly don't care, Zelda's still a game, and you (the player) can determine how to pronounce things however you like.
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    It's Official, I Suck at Zelda Games So Far.

    I personally don't like the DS games, because they were just terribly easy. I played Phantom Hourglass, beat it, okay game. Got Spirit Tracks, beat it, thought it was the worse Zelda, I'm sorry for people who think otherwise, but I didn't even enjoy playing it and the story was really.... really...
  13. Ruby Link

    What Shield Did You Use Before the Hylian Shield?

    I used the Goddess Shield for the majority of the game (once it was available) but I do have every final form for each shield because I liked collecting them, although I didn't use them much. I recently got the Hylian Shield and I just put my others away so the only one I carry is the Hylian...
  14. Ruby Link

    Anything Permanently Missable??

    Lucky for you there is a time where you unlock the ability to re-enter the Silent Realms. :yes:
  15. Ruby Link

    Is Ancent Cistern the Best Water Temple Dungeon Yet?

    I'm gonna have to go with VanitasXII, OoT's Water Temple had the best difficulty because it wasn't easy unlike other temples and the Ancient Cistern wasn't really a Water Temple, for me it gave off the evil catacombs/deserted tomb vibe.
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