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  • Random, I don't have the time to run the forum, do you want to become Administrator? As one you could go ahead and make that rpg you talked about, I don't have the time for it, so let me know.
    Nope, I've mentioned a few other people's sigs before now, but just then yours really caught my eye :3
    The caption seems to fit really well with the artwork, and I love the use of the shadows... and the background...
    Haha, I love it~

    *highfive for MM*
    Heh, your sig's a really neat idea! I love the concept~
    *randomly spotted it earlier and thought I'd mention something :3*
    I believe after you click that box, you have to hit the add reply button, and then instead of doing it it'll take you to a poll creation screen. ;)
    join the NES lover group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lol. probably not, and you know why? Because there are so few and there are many members, there wont be enough for all to claim. It would be fun to claim weapons, that's a good idea, or items, but there are just few of them.
    Thanks. The last game I played was TP. For the most part I've played the games of the young timeline (you know, the split timeline theory) but toon link's games are great too. Wish I could say I played mor but I got 6 zelda games under my belt, though I've only beaten five. Never did beat Link's Adventure.
    Yeah... I'm a nerd.
    Hello, welcome to zelda dungeon. Have fun... Which game you are playing recently?
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