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  • Hello there!:wave: I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday. so...................

    Ah, coolio. I'll be sure to ask you if I have any problems, thanks! ^^ What kind of projects are you working on, out of curiosity? :)
    That's awesome! :lol: I've been using Game Maker for a while... well, sorta. Mainly used it way back when I was a lot younger and didn't have enough maturity to sit down and learn how to use it at all. Been recently taking a look at it again and thinking of beginning a project though. Perhaps if I need any help, I could ask for your advice? :P
    Ahhh, okay. Well good luck with school. :) And yeah, if the game bored you then you should play some games you find more interesting, but you definitely gotta try it again sometime. ;)
    Oh, really? You didn't even complete the Space Frigate?

    Haha, awesome. Yeah, I'm looking forward to this continuing as well.
    Playing the game part way through is generally enough to judge it, actually. Unless it changes a LOT later in (which is generally somewhat bad design IMO), you'll still have gotten a feel for it and know if it's very good or not (unless you only beat the first level/area or something). And you don't need to play all the games in a series to judge a single one. ;)

    Seems like, yeah. Kinda funny that Nintendo flipped around and did the hardcore gaming thing all of a sudden just as Sony and Microsoft started doing the motion controls. :xd: I'm not sure how long this trend will continue, as it might just be for this batch of games. We'll see.
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