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Phantom Zelda
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  • Nice, I love Metroid, and I can't wait 'till Outher M, butsince I don't have a Tv ATM I'm not playing anything, though I will get some Zelda Games I didn't buy since I though they were gonna phail, those are Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass and Link's Crossbow Training, thoug I would like to rebuy my collection of old consoles that I've lost and/or had to sell, like the SNES and NES (They got busted) and the N64(My mom made me sell it).
    Many of them, personally I prefer Majora's Mask, I always like the odd ones out of the bunch, that's why I love games like Super Mario Sunshine, Smash Brothers mellee, Anything by Rare(In the OLD days) and Luigi's Mansion. I'm a very weird person myself, I suppose. That or I just like the interesting stuff better. How 'bout you man?
    Hey, sorry it took me so long!! Oh, New York ? Was it nice? I would have taken lots of photos. Well, i'm going to Queensland soon.. Nothing much really:P I'm getting braces next year though... >.<
    notin really, i played mm a little today and watched my brother play it for a long time.
    :suspicious::Shey guys iv enter my home place the dark twilight realm
    Oh cool, I hope you get heaps of awesome games then ^^ I'm sketching Zelda and lots of anime things, so i'm pretty happy that i've finally learnt how to draw something properly :)
    Haha, yeah :P Well, I have finally learned how to sketch something properly :) So how's the Xbox 360 going, have you gotten a new one yet?
    Yeah, hopefully I can learn the Song of Storms and play it when it's raining so that I can pretend that I made it rain :bleh:
    Aw, yeah, i would be annoyed, more than likely throw it out the window if it were me :P Yeah, I can. It's a rupee shaped Ocarina, and I can get it in any colour I want. I'm going to get it blue because it is my favourite colour. But it's going to be a particulary small one... It's gone down from $20 to $15 :)
    Aren't I lucky ! :bleh:
    That's good ^^ Oh, how much did you pay for it, I would be annoyed if that were me O.O
    Well, I hope you get it soon. :) Guess what, i am getting an ocarina for $15, so i'm pretty happy :)
    Hey, thanks for asking :)
    I'm good. First day of school without my best friend... Felt really weird ~ I finished Majora's Mask a little while ago! ^^ And now i'm onto finishing Twilight Princess.. I've been watching the walkthrough, but it's for the wii and I have a gamecube which is confusing >.<

    How are you?
    So, did you check out Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sinnoh?

    Btw, I like the franchise because of the main characters role in the story and the fact that you play as a pokemon ^^
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