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    Done, It is not too late, your character hasn't even been introduced yet. so Yeah.
    I joined your thingymabobby groupy thingy. (forgets the name of it and shoots herself in the head!!)
    So wats it all about?
    Lemme in on ur rp (30 30 30 30 30)
    The game has started, but no one is to take part till their character is introduced into the story line. Only three characters have been introduced into the story so far. I need certain events to pass before the others are introduced. I will tell you when dark link gets introduced.
    Hey im loving your avatar!!!
    Niko is da bestest ever!!

    So how're ya doin? BTW thanks for the friend add!!:P:P:):):D
    You Can pick another character, as long as it is a badguy, You will get to play both of them (I am a little short on Players)
    Oh, I sent the message to the wrong person, sorry, I meant to send it to Pizzavato. Could you relay the message for me.
    Um, sorry about my rejecting your choice of character in my RPG, But two people wanted it and I chose the person sharing a gender with the character. Could you pick another one, I almost gaurantee you will get that character.
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