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not you
October 17
student, athlete, amateur *******



“I’d cut my soul into a million different pieces just to form a constellation to light your way home.
I’d write love poems to the parts of yourself you can’t stand.
I’d stand in the shadows of your heart and tell you I’m not afraid of your dark.”



Nicole's magical quotes of wonder and awe:
The following text has been censored from it's original version.
[9:32:22 PM] *** Sydney added Sydney ***
[9:32:26 PM] Sydney: i love you
[9:32:30 PM] Sydney: i'm peeing omg
[9:32:51 PM] Sydney: i hate all of you
[9:32:56 PM] Sydney: why
[9:32:57 PM] Sydney: my sides
[9:33:02 PM] Sydney: who is who
[9:33:08 PM] Sydney: I can't
[9:33:15 PM] Sydney: can i leave now
[9:33:18 PM] Sydney: there are tears coming out of my eyes
[9:33:21 PM] Sydney: me too
[9:33:22 PM] Sydney: why
[9:33:24 PM] Sydney: stay
[9:33:27 PM] Sydney: WHO ARE YOU
[9:33:28 PM] Sydney: we want you to stay
[9:33:40 PM] Sydney: we'll sing that rihanna song
[9:33:43 PM] Sydney: NO
[9:33:45 PM] Sydney: i want you to staaaaayyyy
[9:33:50 PM] Sydney: well now i know which one is luke
[9:33:55 PM] Sydney: "luke what are you laughing so hard about"
[9:34:04 PM] Sydney: I love you too
[9:34:08 PM] Sydney: SYDNEY SENPAI
[9:34:10 PM] Sydney: RIDE THE BROOMSTICK
[9:34:12 PM] Sydney: I'M CHANGING MY NAME
[9:34:27 PM] Sydney: NOU
[9:34:34 PM] Sydney: pls
[9:34:39 PM] Sydney: ok
[9:34:42 PM] Sydney: i am the real sydney ._.
[9:34:45 PM] Sydney: Q_Q
[9:34:52 PM] Sydney: no I am
[9:34:53 PM] Sydney:
[9:34:56 PM] Sydney: no I am Q_Q
[9:34:57 PM] Sydney: you hos
[9:35:03 PM] Sydney: HOE
[9:35:07 PM] Sydney: I AM REAL SYDNEY
[9:35:08 PM] Sydney: i'm cackling
[9:35:15 PM] NotSydney: can we not
[9:35:23 PM] NotSydney: me either
[9:35:39 PM] Sydney: NotSydney? por que????
[9:35:43 PM] Sydney: wait
[9:35:44 PM] Sydney: haha
[9:35:45 PM] Sydney: it's true though
[9:35:48 PM] Sydney: you aren't sydney
[9:35:49 PM] Sydney: because I am
[9:35:54 PM] NotSydney: NICOLE NO
[9:36:02 PM] NotSydney: i'm not gonna lie looking at the name sydney so much it just looks like not a word
[9:36:09 PM] NotSydney: it looks like a jumble of letters
[9:36:19 PM] Sydney: the y looks like it doesn't belong
[9:36:22 PM] NotSydney: yeah
[9:36:23 PM] Sydney: shun the y, shun it til it cries
[9:36:27 PM] NotSydney: y is weird
[9:36:28 PM] NotSydney: ty for making me hate my name
[9:36:31 PM] NotSydney: y
[9:36:35 PM] Sydney: you're welcome
[9:36:56 PM] NotSydney: omg
[9:37:05 PM] Sydney: we should all get along. You and I are the same, you know
[9:37:17 PM] NotSydney: we are one
[9:37:26 PM] ejrerjhker: you're so lucky i don't have any scissors nearby me

[11:49:32 PM] Athenian200: Athenian200 wipes sweat from brow.
[11:49:44 PM] Athenian200: Nicole is harder to debate with than Axle...

[8:23:28 PM] Destiny: god damn it I may be a blondish short skinny girl but I can be mother f*cking terrifying

[11:08:37 PM] Nicole: Wyatt you need to math
[11:09:01 PM] Djinn: Do it for the Maths Wyatt!! The Maths!!!!!!!!!
[11:09:22 PM] Nicole: maths
[11:09:25 PM] Nicole: wtf Djinn
[11:09:28 PM] Nicole: are you Brit now
[11:09:34 PM] Djinn: yes
[11:09:37 PM] Djinn: crumpet

[7:54:16 PM] Axle the Beast: Everyone cares about Batman.
[7:54:20 PM] Nicole: not I
[7:54:23 PM] Axle the Beast: Yes you do.
[7:54:28 PM] Axle the Beast: You just don't know it yet.
[7:54:28 PM] Nicole: nopu
[7:54:32 PM] Athenian200: I'm okay with Batman.
[7:54:33 PM] Athenian200: LOL.
[7:54:34 PM] Axle the Beast: Yepu.
[7:54:35 PM] Nicole: lol
[7:54:39 PM] Nicole: nawp
[7:54:43 PM] Axle the Beast: yawp
[7:54:48 PM] Nicole: NO.jpg
[7:54:56 PM] Axle the Beast: YES.gif
[7:55:04 PM] Nicole: NO.wmv
[7:55:13 PM] Axle the Beast: YES.mp4
[7:55:19 PM] Nicole: NO.doc
[7:55:25 PM] Axle the Beast: YES.pdf
[7:55:33 PM] Nicole: NO.rtf
[7:55:42 PM] Axle the Beast: YES.txt
[7:55:49 PM] Nicole: NO.exe
[7:56:07 PM] Axle the Beast: YES.db
[7:56:12 PM] Nicole: NO.bmp
[7:56:18 PM] Axle the Beast: YES.tif
[7:56:23 PM] Nicole: NO.png
[7:57:05 PM] Wyatt: Nicole.win
[7:57:09 PM] Nicole: OMG
[7:57:10 PM] Nicole: YES

[9:21:58 PM] Destiny: wait
[9:22:04 PM] Destiny: don't you and dong live in nj
[9:22:06 PM] Nicole: ya
[9:22:10 PM] Nicole: why
[9:22:20 PM] Destiny: meet
[9:22:39 PM] Dong: why
[9:22:47 PM] Destiny: it would amuse me
[9:27:08 PM] Nicole: Dong we are so meeting over the summer
[9:27:14 PM] Dong: no, because my parents would be like "whodis we don't want u have friend go study"
[9:27:55 PM] Nicole: I'll impress your parents with my asianness
[9:27:58 PM] Nicole: they would be so proud
[9:28:42 PM] Destiny: I would impress your parents by challenging them to an acient chinese duel and win
[9:28:48 PM] Wyatt: the daughter they wish Dong was...
[9:29:28 PM] Nicole: I would impress his parents by spelling "ancient" correctly.
[9:29:36 PM] Wyatt: lolo

Destiny <hr> Destiny joined the News Team in December 2011. She is also a forum moderator. She lives in British Columbia and likes alpacas. She is in a relationship with Nicole, and the two are starting to go out and date.
Nicole <hr> Nicole has written an article for Zelda Dungeon and currently works as a full-time editor. She joined the Article Staff in May of 2011. I am in a deep deep deep relationship, deep within the ocean's floor with Destiny and wewatched many a film in their days in the movie threaters and are due to be married in a few seconds. Yes, a few seconds. We are in love.
Majora's Cat's brilliant rendition of mine and Destiny's ZD biographies.​

10:28 PM Turo602 Who's this "god" you speak of Nickle?
10:28 PM Nicole my computer

[9:29:03 PM] Destiny: so I lit the curtains on fire
[9:29:16 PM] Nicole: why Destiny
[9:29:27 PM] Destiny: I got bored so I was like I wonder if curtains will burn
[9:29:29 PM] Destiny: they did
[9:29:43 PM] Destiny: but it's okay, I just painted the burnt part white
[9:29:44 PM] Athenian200: Yeah, LOL.
[9:29:51 PM] Destiny: she hasn't noticed yet
[9:30:01 PM] Nicole: omg
[9:30:04 PM] Nicole: you're so stupid
[9:30:28 PM] Nicole: why are you trying to kill yourself
[9:30:32 PM] Nicole: stop doing that you b
[9:30:39 PM] Wyatt: Destiny did you hear about how serial killers always have high rates of arson interest as a young child
[9:30:57 PM] Destiny: I love fire
[9:31:13 PM] Wyatt: too bad it also said they're above average in intelligence
[9:31:13 PM] Wyatt: or you could be one
[9:31:19 PM] Wyatt: lololo

[5:08:18 PM] Destiny: I'm wearing shorts because f*** -5 degree weather, I'm Canadian

[7:39:35 PM] Nicole: what amazes me about that
[7:39:47 PM] Nicole: is that he's taken two high level courses
[7:39:59 PM] Nicole: but still cannot use the rules of English properly
[7:40:45 PM] Wyatt: lol yeah
[7:41:40 PM] Wyatt: He prolly didn't even do that good in them
[7:41:55 PM] Nicole: didn't even do that well*
[7:42:06 PM] Nicole: f*** you for not using rules of English
[7:42:39 PM] Wyatt: I grew up in Southern Indiana
[7:42:46 PM] Wyatt: At least I get it right most of the time

[17:24] <@Nicole> !kiss Ganondork
[17:24] * Kybot viciously bites Ganondork's neck and shoulder.
[17:24] <+Ganondork> that felt amazing

[4:39:54 PM] Wyatt: "If a user is harassing you this much, then you should file a report right away."
[4:40:05 PM] Wyatt: Chuckled when I saw "file a report"
[4:42:52 PM] Josh: Zelda Dungeon has officialy become a business
[4:43:42 PM] Wyatt: Can I have an official title
[4:43:51 PM] Nicole: I want to be CEO
[4:44:00 PM] Nicole: Or Wyatt can be CEO and I'll be his "secretary"
[4:44:19 PM] Wyatt: I like this idea

[10:40:45 PM] Hunter: If I remember correctly, you were Soldier of Link on ZD. Weren't you a boy? I heard you on Z-Talk and you sounded like
[10:40:50 PM] Hunter: a boy
[10:40:57 PM] Hunter: no offence
[10:41:31 PM] Nicole: no
[10:42:00 PM] Hunter: No...? You weren't?
[10:42:31 PM] Nicole: I have never been a boy before in my life.
[10:43:01 PM] Hunter: Oh, well it's pretty cool I guess.
[10:43:35 PM] Nicole: I have a kinda deep voice, and telephones, microphones, and stuff like that makes it sound manly.
[10:43:50 PM] Nicole: But I can promise you, I am not, nor have I ever been, a male.

[6:09:31 PM] Nicole: Nicole wraps Marinated Matt and Destiny in a taco
[6:09:34 PM] Destiny: Now that's how you do it

[8:22:49 PM] Destiny: The burger was from a farm
[8:22:51 PM] Destiny: In town
[8:23:06 PM] Nelson: Alpaca Farm, eh?
[8:23:22 PM] Nicole: she ate an alpacaburger
[8:23:36 PM] Djinn: I thought we eat ugly animals and pet cute animals
[8:23:42 PM] Djinn: alpacas are not the food variety
[8:25:24 PM] Athenian200: I try to avoid eating things with an IQ above 80.

[4:38:04 PM] Djinn: what are you allergic to?
[4:38:07 PM] Nicole: seasons
[4:38:18 PM] Djinn: that sucks, we have lots of those

[6:59:32 PM] Nicole: http://puu.sh/9dhz
[7:05:23 PM] Athenian200: You made it to 777.
[7:05:30 PM] Athenian200: That means you're a perfect poster.

[11:58:12 PM] Axle the Beast: If I were to pick a most attractive male in SS, I'd probably pick Pipit or Gaepora.
[11:59:06 PM] Nicole: GUYS
[11:59:25 PM] Nicole: "If I were to pick a most attractive male in SS, I'd probably pick Pipit or Gaepora." Pipit is what I'd look like as a man
[12:00:00 AM] Axle the Beast: Well.
[12:00:06 AM] Axle the Beast: If you decide to turn into a man.
[12:00:07 AM] Axle the Beast: Give me a call.
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