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  • Hey there Insanity, I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday.^^ So...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:clap::clap::clap:
    I thought about it again, and I think you should get a Wii rather than a Gamecube. Wii undoubtedly cost more (used Wii is generally $100 wherever I find it, GC is $30 used), but the Wii can play all GameCube games, has access to a lot of Virtual Console games, and also has the Wii library to aid it. If you can save up a little bit more, I would shoot for a Wii.
    Oh, you'll also have to think about a Gamecube memory card. Those cost around $10-$40 depending on how much memory it can hold. I doubt they do sell for as high as $40 given that they aren't that big of a component, but they still do cost around $20 more often than not.

    All in all, I think getting a Gamecube, TP + TWW (you're also getting a controller with the GC I assume) for $115 would be a solid deal, but I really do disagree with their price tag of $40 for both TWW and TP unless they are mint fresh. And even then, a new TWW would be $20 by today (it's Player's Choice) and a new TP would also be $20 (it's Nintendo Select).
    I played both and made sure to do a 3HC on both of them, I am satisfied with both games even if I complain about them a lot.
    Well...Gamecubes where I live are $30 used. TP costs $30 and TWW costs $20. So, you could potentially get the entire bundle for a little bit cheaper ($80 vs $115). But, if that's the cheapest then $115 would still be a good deal because TWW and TP are really good games in my opinion (I mean good game in general, not good Zelda game). And, if you have both you would be able to get a good look of what the developers did wrong in one and the remedy in the other.
    Hey Insanity, do you know how Feb is doing? And most of the members of the club in general? Seems we're the only ones who are actually playing besides Metaknight and purplelink, but even they seem to be inactive!
    Short answer - I am safe and fortunately have no storm damage. Thanks for thinking of me!

    Longer answer - I wasn't in the area that was most affected, but Wednesday was full of tornado warnings and power outages and an F1 tornado actually did touch down a mile and a half from where I live. The more I read about things, though, the more thankful I am that the worst that happened was the basement flooded (as usual). The destruction in some places is really heartbreaking. :(
    Wow! Happy late birthday to you too then! Sorry I didn't see it then!

    Thank you :) Hope you have a nice Valentine's too!
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