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  • Hey no problem I have two questions for you. Have you play Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and Minish Cap before and which of the three games do you think is the best.
    heh, yeah. i guess i can't really just slash weak enemies randomly anymore, but it should lead to more interesting fights.

    it looked pretty cool and i can't wait for it to come out (the only thing i kind of dislike is the name.) i can't wait to see what kind of awesome games nintendo is going to make for it :)
    Nintendo showed off new gameplay and trailers for skyward sword, they announced (but didn't technically reveal) their new console the WiiU (who's controller features a touchscreen), and trailers for a TON of new 3DS games like mario kart 3D, Luigi's mansion 2, Super mario 3D, Paper mario 3DS, and Starfox 3D.

    yeah, they'll never sound quite the same without The Rev... that might be a good idea, Nightmare was an awesome album (the only track i even kind of disliked was God Hates Us, because it was kind of repetitive)
    E3 was great this year too!

    well, the whole band kind of changes sounds with every album. for example, Nightmare sounds a LOT different from City of Evil.
    thanks for the friend invite! sorry if i took a while to accept, i havn't been on ZD in MONTHS. anyways, how are you?
    The floor! Heheheh I play too much Majora's Mask. Anyways, the only thing is my story. Have you read it? Revenge of the Stari. I posted a new chapter yesterday.
    My favorite game is Link to the Past, and I'm super-hyped for Skyward Sword because it looks just like a 3d version of it!
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