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  1. mvsl54321

    Have You Been to Any Midnight Releases?

    Never been to a midnight Release... sadly.
  2. mvsl54321

    Did You Use the Skyward Strike?

    I didn't use it as much as I could of. I only used it in some battles, like surprising a enemy while it's back is turned.
  3. mvsl54321

    E3 Let Down?

    The spotlight of E3 was to focused on third party games. I was pretty disappointed myself. They could of at least said something about the new Smash Bros. At least acknowledge that it exist. Nothing will beat the reaction to Twilight Princess trailer at the end of E3 2004. No... They decided to...
  4. mvsl54321

    What is Your Nickname

    My nickname is "Mr. Good," or "Mr. Bueno," or at times "No Bueno."
  5. mvsl54321

    Thoughts on the YES! I Got First Comment!

    I have to admit that it is funny to see peoples personal reactions to the "first," comments. In reality however, it is quite annoying. How often do you post a video for someone to leave their "mark," rather than get feedback on the video itself. Besides if it's a popular video, who is gonna...
  6. mvsl54321

    I Have a Question About the 3DS EShop..

    They just might release those games to the public for like $4.99 each, or higher. Nintendo could make a lot of profits from those games because people want them. Plus it's a great opportunity for others to get their hands on classic games. I am a ambassador luckily.
  7. mvsl54321

    Skyloft Knight Personality Quiz

    So glad I got Link. Lol.
  8. mvsl54321

    What Games Have You Finished in One Sitting?

    All the games I've listed have been played before and have been enjoyed. The games on the list are like Re-Playing the games again, but in one sitting.
  9. mvsl54321

    Spoiler Reviving the Ancient Robots

    How could I never thought of this? *facepalm* It's so true. I wanted these robots to live again, and there are lots of ancient flowers to help.
  10. mvsl54321

    Master Quest

    There is no difference with the Text of the game. The only things that changed were the dungeons.
  11. mvsl54321

    Graphics Vs Gameplay

    People who think Graphics are better than the gameplay is not a gamer. How could you put graphical design before the actual gameplay elements? Great graphics are nice to have, but not necessary for a good game.
  12. mvsl54321

    Banjo-Tooie: General Discussion

    Banjo Tooie is one of the games I grew up with, and I thought it was better than the first game. It was so much more fun to play.
  13. mvsl54321

    Does Anybody Like EA Sports Games?

    I'm not really a fan of Sports games in general. So EA Sports games is generally a no.
  14. mvsl54321

    Watch Me Playing Some Zelda Tunes Using the N64 Controller and Ocarina of Time

    These are some really good skills, I will never attempt to do :l Keep it up!
  15. mvsl54321

    What Games Have You Finished in One Sitting?

    Basically, What games have you started and finished in one sitting, and if possible, how long do you think you were playing it for. You could also say what games you would finish in one sitting if you got the chance. I'll list mine: Paper Mario (N64): 23 Hours. Ocarina of Time (N64): 6 Hours...
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