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  • That's awesome. I didnt get around to A Link to the Past untill just last year. I'm not up to much. Just playing more Zelda. Currently I'm replaying Skyward Sword for the 5th time haha. Oh and doing a bunch of studing for finals. What are you up too?
    Nice to you meet you as well kind sir. How are you doing today on this beautiful Saturday afternoon?
    Yeah. It was the first Zelda game I beat and truly experienced so that's really why I like it so much. Anyway what was your first Zelda game?
    Hey sorry my last comment in the shoutbox was for rds commet about buying spyro. So personally as i can get withot getting a restrainig order (no? I know it sucked) i would like to aplogoize. Im sorry! That comment wasnt suppose to be for you but this one is
    Get well soon! :) take dramine that helps alot for if you going to throw up! And gett better!
    Oh I'm good. A bit tired, so I might get in bed soon. But we continue this, or pick it up tomorrow. Either ways fine with me. =]
    Darn MC and FSA are some of the few Zelda games I haven't played. I really need to get on that. Anyway though my second favorite game is actually Twilight Princess.
    Really? Haha that's awesome. What a coincidence. So another question what's your second favorite game?
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